Sunday, December 14, 2014

Menu Plan Monday #65

I cannot believe how quickly the month of December is passing by! My kiddo is officially on her three week school holiday and I am so happy! This means three glorious weeks of not waking up until the husband's alarm goes off, and then for one entire amazing fabulous week when the hubby is off too we can sleep until our heart's content! Squee!

Anyway. Moving on. This weekend we finally got around to decorating our Christmas Tree. This was the first year we didn't have a tree in storage to decorate as soon as Thanksgiving was over so it took us a while to get up. We aren't 100% done with it yet, but I will do a holiday home tour as soon as it is done. Here is a sneak peek though...we went with a silver and red theme.

We have this adorable owl sitting atop it for now until we get a nice topper. I'm hopeful I may find a canal house or something! hahaha

Our tree twinkling and aglow. I love it when it isn't quite focused.

Today while I cheer I went on a run and found the nearby fort set up for Christmas:

Tonight the husband is off on a business trip so the kiddo and I have the house to ourselves. We made a fabulous ravioli dish hubby won't eat and watched a few too many Gilmore Girls ;)

Moving on...

This week's meal plan!

This week we have a few things going on so the menu is pretty fun.

Monday: French Toast
Tuesday: Chocolate Crescent Rolls
Wednesday: Smoothies
Thursday: Toast with sprinkles
Friday: Fend for yourself
Saturday: Ham, egg, and cheese crescents with fruit salad and potatos
Sunday: French Toast

Monday: Birthday lunch for the kiddo; Christmas chicken nuggets with spinach salad and fries
Tuesday: Downtown for a lunch concert: grab pizza out with the newly returned hubby
Wednesday: Panini's with spinach salad
Thursday: Chicken soup
Friday: Leftovers
Saturday: Split pea soup
Sunday: Chicken and bacon subs with salad

Monday: Birthday Dinner at the Hardrock Cafe
Tuesday: Tacos
Wednesday: Brats and peppers with rice
Thursday: Dinner at a friend's
Friday: Pizza burgers with fries
Saturday: Going to the ballet so will grab some dinner out downtown
Sunday: Wings, pizza, and salad

Workouts this last week have been pretty rockin'! Completed all my workouts as planned. Here is what I did:

Monday: Max Interval Circuit
Tuesday: 4.5 mile run
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Max Interval Circuit
Friday: Max Recovery
Saturday: Max Interval Plyo
Sunday: 3.5 mile run and stretching

Up this week for workouts will be just Insanity Max mostly as it looks to rain a good majority of the week. Hoping to get in some good walks downtown doing some sight seeing though! Amazing what Amsterdam has to offer!

This week looks to be full and fun, it is our first week of Christmas break after all. Here is what we have planned:
Monday: Crafts at home, finish Christmas Tree, dinner out for the kiddo's birthday, sleepover.
Tuesday: Go to the lunchtime Christmas concert at The National Ballet and Opera because they are doing carols & lunch with my hubby/her daddy.
Wednesday: Free lunchtime concert at Concertgebrouw, the Rijkmuseum and check out the boat exhibit finally and ice skate at the rink outside the museum
Thursday: Movie marathon day & dinner at a friend's house.
Friday: Read-a-thon and craft day
Saturday: Cinderella at the National Ballet and Opera and dinner out, do a walk around to see all the Christmas lights.
Sunday: Football day; rest, relax, rejuvenate.

 What are you most looking forward to this week?


  1. I love the variety in your meal plans!! Sounds like a great week! Tonight our girl scout troop is caroling at a local assisted living home. I am looking forward to watching the interaction between our girls and the residents. I think it will be heart warming!

  2. Enjoy the break!! I'm jealous that your kiddo lets you sleep in. The baby will easily sleep until 8 but our 4yo is always up by 6:30!

  3. oh you are so busy...but you've got it down to a science. Holidays keep the kids busy and the parents! Have a great week!