Tuesday, December 2, 2014

DIY: Bouquet in a Pumpkin

I knew for our Thanksgiving Celebration I wanted an original center piece. It is hard to find something very fall like still here in Amsterdam since most everything has crossed over to Christmas already with Sinterklaas having made his way through town and that feast coming up at the end of this week.

I found a number of ideas on pinterest so I had to narrow it down. I love this one in particular. So off I went to recreate.

I hunted down a flower stand I knew had pumpkins at one point and they still had two left! I was very excited. I then found the vase I wanted to use inside (I just recycled a two liter bottle). I placed the two liter bottle on top of the pumpkin and traced around it making a cutting line on the top of the pumpkin around the stem. Then, I went to work with a serrated knife and cut the top and scooped out all the seeds and other "guts". You can toss the top as you won't need it. Save the seeds though you can bake those. This is what I was left with:

Once the pumpkin was clean I put the two liter bottle in and traced around where I wanted to cut it off. I slightly tilted the marker upwards so the top would stick out just a tiny bit. I was worried it would tip over if it were too exact and I wanted it to be really stable. This is what it looks like:
Cut the top of the bottle off (be careful so you don't cut yourself the plastic can be sharp). Fill with water.
Fit into the top of the pumpkin.

...and push down so it is secure.

When picking the flowers I knew I wanted mums since it was November and they are big and fluffy, and I wanted roses that felt fall. I was ecstatic when I found the peach and red tipped roses.

I then measured the length I wanted the stems to be. I wanted the flowers to just poke over the top of the pumpkin.

I put all the roses in first, then put the four mums all around to fill in any gaps and really give the bouquet that full feeling.

I think it turned out quite beautifully. This is the first flower arrangement I've ever done so I was extremely excited. For the full centerpiece I added a sheet of wrapping paper I found at an end of the roll sale for two euro and made a "Give Thanks" bunting which I will share on Thursday!

If you want more ideas for next year make sure to follow my Thanksgiving Pinterest board!
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