Monday, December 1, 2014

Menu Plan Monday #63, weekend recap +weekly goals

Happy Monday y'all! How are things? For me, we are cold!!!! We have been so lucky these last few weeks temps have consistently been in the mid to high 40s and low 50s Fahrenheit, but I think winter is finally upon us and we are now having highs in the 30s Fahrenheit. (btw, I misspell Fahrenheit all the time, thank goodness for spell check! ha!)

So this past week was so much fun, but I will just concentrate on the weekend.

Friday the kiddo had a friend sleepover and they wound up doing homework most of the time. Wild nights here. But, Saturday I woke up and managed a sunrise run. That was the best, I was able to do a sunrise run at 8:30 in the morning! I am hating to love winter right now!

So, I took a photo of this because, one, you don't see a lot of water fountains around here; two, when I lived back home for a while and I'd run with my lifelong best friend we would drink out of just about every water fountain we could find. We were never sick for about 2 years...I attribute it to water fountains. So naturally I had to post a photo of this one. Yes I drank out of, yes it was freaking cold! haha

Because this was a "sunrise" run, the colours were beautiful! I loved how there was still just one tree with all it's leaves this gorgeous golden colour.

Saturday afternoon we had 20 people over here, our friends and all their kids for an expat thanksgiving. We even had my daughter's French friend join us and a Dutch friend join us. It was a super unique time and was so glad we were able to host such an event. Everyone had a great time and all the kids mingled together so well and got along famously. Some of them never would have met had it not been for this gathering so I am so glad we did it.

I will post more about all the different foods on Wednesday.

I am also so thankful to everyone who brought a hostess gift. They were completely unexpected and I couldn't be more grateful. I will give more details on that tomorrow.

Sunday was of course our day for cheer. Our Dutch friend stayed the night and drove us to cheer the next day. ...and it was cold. The heat wasn't working in the gym so we were freezing, it was not terribly fun conditions. I did wind up going for a run just to warm up. I am glad I did because I got really warm and saw some great landmarks. Can't wait for my next run out that way I really want to check out the graveyard in depth!

Love how I found the cows today right out back of the windmill. Made my run feel very European.

This windmill is gorgeous. It is very close by a Fort, this whole area was(is, maybe?) part of the Dutch defense system.

Cold but happy to be warm and outside!

How was your weekend? Do you celebrate Thanksgiving?

So, on to the business of the week. I am loosely following the 21 day sugar detox guidelines for myself over the next 21 days. I am doing so well eating all good for me foods and I have a lot of energy so I want to make sure I keep that up. I tend to be the person that feels great so I allow myself a ton of junk, but not going to let that happen. I have a lot of fun activities planned over the next 25 days and on into New Year's so I want to make sure I keep this up!

  • Paleo Pancakes (make ahead & freeze)
  • Egg burritos
  • French toast for the kiddo and fried apples over paleo cream of wheat for me.
  • Found a salad a day photo challenge on Instagram so will be participating in that each day for lunch. Follow me and join in to see what I am eating up. 
  • For the kiddo to take to school:
    • Thanksgiving in a box (basically leftovers from thanksgiving in her bento)
    • Grilled cheese 2x's with oranges and sweet potato fries (we are fighting off a cold so upped the vit d and vit c fruits and veggies hehe)
    • Chicken and cheese sub with apple slices 2x's
I'm going to make a few treats to have on hand so that way the kiddo isn't feeling deprived. I don't want her out there munching out on all the high calorie treats the Dutch are putting up on every corner! haha
  • Melted Snowman Sugar cookies
  • Rice Krispie Treats (these are mostly for the hubby he was sad when all the kids ate up the Rice Krispie Treat Turkey! hehe)
  • Pumpkin Granola Bars
  • Fall Trail Mix
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Mixed fruit
  • Leftover Pie (this will be a creation of my own. Will report back with how it comes out)
  • BBQ chicken roll ups with broccoli and corn
  • Tacos
  • Teriyaki beef with rice and broccoli
  • New Restaurant Friday: Will finally try the BBQ place we didn't get to last week.
  • Breakfast for dinner: pancakes, eggs, bacon, and oranges in cinnamon syrup for dessert
  • Corn and chicken chowder with side salad. Will get dessert out when we are at the tree lighting in Dam Square, hubby will be out of town sadly.
Workouts and Goals.
So, this week I decided to join in on the runner's world runstreak. Run everyday from Thanksgiving to New Years, at least one mile. I've done a 9 day workout streak already so I figure why the heck not. So, everyday I will run at least one mile.
  • One mile run, core cardio and balance
  • Two mile run, core cardio and balance
  • 4 mile run, core cardio and balance
  • One mile run, core cardio and balance
  • 5 mile run, core cardio and balance.
  • One mile run, core cardio and balance.
  • One mile run and stretching.
This week should be an easy week so my goals are as follows:
  • Mail out Christmas cards and boxes to family
  • Finish cards I want to go up in my etsy store
  • Get Christmas put up in the house.
Nothing terribly extravagant this week, but little things to get me there. 

How is your week looking, anything exciting on the agenda?


  1. I love that you got to have an international Thanksgiving! We got our Christmas decorations up this weekend so my to do list isn't too big this week, but the weekends are starting to get busier and busier!

    1. Oh wow! Lucky, we still have to locate a fake tree and figure out a way to get it home! haha