Monday, September 1, 2014

How to Host a Surfing Sleepvoer

My daughter loves sleepovers! Whether she is going to a sleepover at someone's house or hosting one herself she loves to get together with her friends overnight.

One thing she has always felt was very important is to have a plan for her guests. There is nothing she hates more than going to a friends house just to play on their phones or watch movies all night (she is not a movie person). So, I decided to share some of the activities from her latest sleep over!

This was hosted the night before her and her friend were taking a surf lesson at the beach that is about 45 minutes, everything is surfing themed!

My kiddo thinks every sleepover should have the following elements:
  • dinner
  • crafts
  • baking
  • games
  • snacks and a movie
When she is going to have friends over I like to make things that are easy, make a lot, and most people like. I serve things like tacos, spaghetti, pizza, etc. Usually I will order in some pizza because we do that so rarely, but I will admit I am afraid to order pizza over the phone here in the Netherlands. I'm honestly afraid things will get lost in translation. So, I make stuff instead.

This time around I made tacos. This is one of our favorite meals. Normally, I make my own seasoning, but since we moved and I am still building up my spices, so I have been using a packaged brand. This is how I make them:

I always set out the fixings and let everyone make their own, but the teenager and I prefer ours as a taco salad with a nice dollop of sour cream. ;)

Next they decorated flip-flops...I mean we were going to the beach the next day! So, we got these adorable nautical themed washi tapes from our favorite Target-like store, HEMA. My daughter isn't a huge crafter so she picked something that would be simple and easy to complete within an hour. All you do is take the washi tape of your choice and wrap it around the thong part that goes over your foot!

Aren't they adorable?!

These are the washi tapes we used from HEMA.

Finished product....aren't they adorable?!

Cute and easy!

After, that they decided to bake cookies. We used just a generic sugar cookie recipe which turned out quite delicious. We didn't have any cookie cutters so the girls rolled out the dough and free hand cut the cookies. They didn't do a half bad job!

It is so easy creaming butter and sugar!

Hard at work decorating the cookies.

More hard work. 

These ones turned out more like Easter Eggs, but they were supposed to be surfboards...still cute none the less.
These turned out amazing though. The girls completely free handed them...

They were delicious too ;) was time for a movie!

Since this was surfing themed they of course watched Blue Crush...

They made these tasty mocktails for sipping....
Dip the cup tops in maple syrup and rim with pop rocks....add a few ice cubes to the cup then add one part cranberry juice, one part apple juice, and stir with a rock candy stick. The sugar high the will experience will be well worth it for the giggles you'll hear later.

Once they settled in for the movie we didn't hear from them again for the rest of the night. I am not sure what time they went to bed, but I am sure they crashed fairly soon after the movie.

When they woke up I had breakfast all prepared....

My daughter is a coffee fiend.

I used an old frappuccino bottle to put some milk in for her non-coffee loving friend...turns out she's not really a milk lover either...go figure.

We picked up donuts from the local bakery...

They were soft and chewy and delicious.

We ended the sleepover with a trip to Zandvoort for surfing lessons. I have a full beach day post coming but here are a few preview pictures...

Do you have a sleepover lover in your house?? 


  1. Well, not exactly, but when I was a kid/teen I would host big sleepovers at my house with varying themes. My mom always made sure we had a craft to make, and I think that was my friends' favorite part of coming to my house, because their mothers weren't quite as crafty as mine.
    These are great ideas for a surf themed party- excellent post!
    ~Litha Nelle

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Litha. That is fantastic that everyone loved coming to your house for crafting during sleepovers. My mother was very crafty as well so we were always making friendship bracelets or embroidering or doing pearler beads or something too! haha I am glad I am able to give that to my daughter and her friends as well :)

  2. Cool idea. I think the flip flops are fabulous.

    1. Thanks, Erica! We came up with the idea after having done some with ribbon a while ribbon is hard to come by in our area and we didn't have enough foresight to order some online but we think these came out way better, plus the sand brushes right off the tape! :D

  3. What a cool idea. I love how creative you are with her sleepovers! My favorite is your surf cookies. Thank you for sharing on our Facebook page today. Pinning!

  4. So fun!! I wish we lived near the ocean. This is great! I love the wave cookies. I'll bet those kids had a great time!!

  5. Great idea - looks like a great party. My kids are still toddlers, though! Thanks for linking with us at Home Matters Linky party!