Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Smoothie Recipes +what I ate Wednesday

So, I am loving the writing propts the SITS Girls put up for October.

Today's prompt was to share your favorite vegetarian recipe. Since it is What I Ate Wednesday it is the perfect day to share a tasty vegetarian recipe...or two!
Pear-Banana-Orange Smoothie

1/2 cup pear juice
1 banana
1 orange
4 ice cubes or however many you want
Combine all in a blender and blend until smooth!

I love this one post workout with some pb toast. Really hits the spot!

Acai Smoothie
1/2 cup pure acai juice
1 banana
1 orange
4 ice cubes or to taste
Put all in a blender and blend until smooth! I cannot get enough of this smoothie.

It is amazing and so refreshing post workout with a couple of hard boiled eggs!

Now for a few other eats...

These are all from last Saturday when we had a friend move here and we decided to show him around the city via bike once he bought his bike. We had such a great day and it was fairly "typically Dutch" as they say hehe

A delicious caramel latte from Bagels and Beans. Check out my instagram (& follow me!) for a photo of this whole heaven and hell set! I got the hell plate and our friend got the heaven cup so we put them together for a picture! Super cute!

After a bike ride and a long walk through the market we headed to a cafe for lunch. We ordered croquettes. I am not a huge fan, but they hit the spot this particular day. If you don't know what a croquette is it is basically battered and fried really thick gravy that can have meat and veggies in it...usually you spread them out over the bread and eat them, but I knew my stomach couldn't handle that I could barely eat one!

Post lunch we decided we needed fresh stroopwafels. Previously I had only had these premade and packaged. However, on the market you can get warm fresh ones. It was really good. You get to watch the guy make the waffle, spread it with caramel, and then top it with chocolate if you want. I wasn't a huge fan of the chocolate on it, nor was I a huge fan of the fresh wafels. I thought they were a little too crispy...I love the prepackaged ones where the wafel is super soft and chewy, but still totally worth consumption!

This was the final meal of the day....honey bbq chicken wings with a little brown rice and pumpkin soup and water. 

So, do you have any yummy vegetarian recipes I should try? If so, leave me a link and a little description in the comments! 


  1. Oh those writing prompts are so helpful. I've been struggling lately with posting regularly :) As far as vegetarian recipes, I don't have a ton since I eat paleo but I recently put this spaghetti squash one together and really liked it.


  2. YAY For vegetarian recipes! :) haha I like the idea of using writing prompts.

    Those smoothies look awesome!

  3. mmmm pumpkin soup! Do you have a recipe for that!?