Sunday, September 7, 2014

Weekend update +Menu Plan Monday #54

Happy Monday y'all!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Ours was busy, busy, busy!

I decided to go downtown and take some is a preview....
This is one of my favorites of the Herengracht....

The Night's Watch Statues....

Tune in Thursday for more....

After this reality returned and I had to do the weekend grocery shopping....

....but I did it somewhat in style even with my old lady wheely bag ;)
We stayed home Friday night...the kiddo was finally home from camp and sick as a dog so we had to rest...

We had a friend come in Saturday...we decided to try a new restaurant in the Jordaan...

This obviously is not the name of a real street, but pretty hilarious none-the-less! 

This was my favorite thing from the whole sir, it could not stay 5 to Midnight Forever, after a while we all turn back in to Pumpkins ;)

After having convinced our visiting friend we were leading him in circles and were going to leave him for dead we arrived at his hotel. We got him checked in and then because we really like him and really wanted to check out this hotel we walked him to his room...see why...

This is the inside of the new Waldorf Astoria on the Herengracht....

It is six canal houses combined to create one gorgeous hotel! It is amazing. It will be open during the Open Monument Day this upcoming weekend.

Sunday fun day...also known as CHEER DAY!!!

This was a special day though because the club we belong to celebrated their 5 year anniversary!! This is a big deal for any club, but really big for a team in the Netherlands. Cheerleading is not very big here and often you don't find people who know much about it.

I loved these cupcakes! I think I need to bake some this week...not because I want to eat them, but because I just want to decorate them! I forgot how much I LOVE decorating cookies and cakes! Btw, these were totally amazing.

A busy weekend, but a lot of fun. Open Monument Day is coming this next weekend to Holland so if you are in the area there are some great places that will be open...

Now that we are done there read on for what you came for...

Check out the rest of the party over at Org Junkie!

MWF: Oatmeal and apples with peanut butter
T, Th: Cinnamon apple banana bowl with peanut butter
Saturday: will be more of a brunch as we usually eat after my fasting cardio....omelettes with orange and banana slices and potato wedges
Sunday: Banana pancakes with coconut butter and peanut butter

MWF: Crustless quiche and soup
T, Th: Tuna salad
Saturday: See breakfast/have snacks on hand. We will be out a the free monument day I mentioned above so we will no doubt grab some fries or something.
Sunday: Bread, cheese, fruit, beans...snacks since the kiddo has cheerleading.

Monday: Leftovers, hubby will be out at a work dinner so I am taking the night off!
Tuesday: Veggie burgers with sweet potato wedges or butternut squash wedges (whichever I can find sweet 'taters have been few and far between) and broccoli
Wednesday: Panini's with soup
Thursday: Chicken wings and roasted cauliflower with crescent rolls and sugar snap peas
Friday: Harry Potter movie night: Glazed chicken quarters with rice, peas, salad, pretty much whatever veggies I have leftover.
Saturday: Pizza and salad
Sunday: Head to the market to try some of this BBQ I saw there last time!

It looks to be a busy, but fun week ahead. I am most looking forward to the book club our school's parent association has going on...what are you up to this week?


  1. Yummy week and those weekend pictures are great. Once this Readathon is over, I need to start up my small victories sunday linkup and reading and menu recaps. Have a great Readathon week!

    1. Thanks, I love documenting our weekends....I need to start getting them in a scrapbook! ha! I am having so much fun with all the readathon really did a great job putting that together! I will be happy when your small victories comes back I loved reading everyone's posts they are so motivating! hehe