Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Werkin' on my fitness...

Well, well, well, halfway through the week! Hard to believe it is that time already! My little pumpkin will be home before I know it!

This week I've been gobbling up lots of delicious food...here is a selection from yesterday:

Breakfast was a sad event. I had to eat alone since the kiddo is off at camp. Luckily I got to talk to her but I was still sad to have coffee and brekkie all by myself. *sniff*sniff*

Post-workout wound up keeping me full for a VERY long time.

Chocolate shakeology make with one cup of almond milk, a banana, 4 dates, and 4 ice cubes.

I am almost out, may have to have some friends that are moving here bring along a few bags for me lol

Lunch was this interesting sandwich I put together with some leftovers. I was supposed to make chili with it but I really wanted BBQ flavor so I made something similar to chipped beef sandwich.

Just leftover browned ground beef, add some bbq sauce, warm up, put on baguette with gouda, melt, add onion and lettuce!

I had a tiny spoonful of nutella for post-lunch dessert.

Yes, I know you are thinking wtf, post lunch dessert?! It works for me. If I don't allow myself something small after lunch I feel deprived and the rest of my diet will go to hell in a handbasket quicker than you can say fried chicken. So, having the little spoonful keeps me sane.

Afternoon Pick-Me-Up. Yup, afternoon coffee and a book.

Dinner was supposed to be this great little recipe I found on pinterest. But, two things happened 1) I apparently was on a bbq kick and really wanted bbq'd chicken legs and 2) I didn't want potatoes but wanted mac and cheese instead. I guess I needed a taste of home!

Dessert...yup I have dessert too lol Nothing huge, but it keeps my goals on track. Today's wasn't bad since I had the nutella earlier ;)

Just a small glass of Apple-Elderberry juice. This is fresh and delicious. Yum!


Last week I did amazing at keeping up with my doubles. I hit every double, every day! I always feel so good when that happens. This week is starting off ok. Tuesday was better than Monday...

Last Thursday....X2 total body and Piyo Lower
Friday...X2 Yoga and Piyo Sweat
Saturday...X2 Balance and Power and Piyo Strength

Sunday...Day off...foam rolling and stretching and lots of walking.
Monday....X2 Core (I did this halfheartedly..I am not a fan of this workout lol) and Piyo Sweat-I gave 120%
Tuesday....Plyocide and Hard core on the floor....both were excellent workouts. Exhausting, but excellent.
Wednesday(Today)....Piyo buns...X2 is a rest day but I am going to go downtown and do a walking tour with my Nikon...it is beautiful and sunny, can't wait to explore a bit.

I am seeing huge changes since starting X2 and Piyo. I am also being really mindful of what I am putting into my body. Sticking to my meal plans and adding in "desserts" where they work for me and my body. I think my goal of seeing my abs again by my birthday in mid-November will definitely be happening!

So, share with me, what was your favorite thing you ate this last week?

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  1. I loved your coffee flipgram! So adorable. & your bar-b-que is making me really crave some myself today!