Sunday, September 14, 2014

Menu Plan Monday #55, plus a super awesome weekend update!

This weekend was a blast to say the least! We had so much fun as a family...explored the city a bit as it was free monument day so many places were open with no admission charge. This is great for us because we love to explore churches but they do have an admission. We got to see the Westerkerk  Church next to the Anne Frank House. It was the only monument I really wanted to see today so we enjoyed the walk there and then the walk back. It is in a beautiful area of town so the walk is really nice. Plus, exploring our new city is always fun.

I loved this lit candle display! I think it is the most beautiful one I've seen...

We also did a little shopping and got these amazing fries. We always pass this place and even in the evening after work there is a small line. The fries are super amazing, I mean amazing...I think because 1) they are fried well and 2) they are actually salted! ha!

The kiddo of course had cheer so here are some fun pictures:

I loved the fog in the background laying just above the farmland. There are sheep just off to the left. 

This is a screenshot from a video I took. They learned to do twist downs today and this was the 2nd time she did it and managed to twist all the way around! She really took to those so I am one proud mama!

Visit the rest of the party over at Org Junkie!

Anyway, moving on here is what you really came here for:

Breakfast Options:
French toast casserole sticks
Fruit bowl
Banana and PB Wrap
Big Ass Pancake
Saturday: eggs, toast, fruit/salad
Sunday: Cereal

Lunch Options:
School lunch: MWF: Pizza Rolls, apple, peppers and dip; T-Th: Ham and cheese wrap, orange, cucumber slices; Snacks all week: fall trail mix, apples with date paste or cinnamon raisin pb, small salad, energy balls

Home options: MWF: Chicken breast, sweet potato, and zucchini; T-Th: Pumpkin Soup, egg muffins

Monday: Teriyaki steak, rice, salad
Tuesday: Smothered chicken breasts with creamed spinach & onions, and bread and butter
Wednesday: BBQ Bacon Cheeseburgers, broccoli, corn, applesauce
Thursday: Chicken wings, bread and butter, spinach & onions, corn
Friday: Taco's with corn and salad
Saturday: Homemade hamburger helper and salad
Sunday: Something easy....I'm thinking ham and cheese panini's with salad and soup maybe leftovers from the week or maybe a combo of both depending on what we have ;)

So, what are you cookin' this week?! Trying anything new? Our menu isn't too exciting, but full of tried and true recipes!


  1. Sometimes the tried & true menus are the best because they require less effort to prepare and everyone loves the food. Those fries look delicious!

  2. I try to stick to tried and true recipes. It definitely means you know that everyone will like it! We do tacos almost every week.

    1. haha! We to Tacos almost weekly as well! Something we never tire of and is easy peasy!