Sunday, August 31, 2014

Weekly Menu #53

Wow, I reached a year's worth of meals plans and was all like, eh, forgot posting those! Just kidding! Now that we are back to school I am actively back to blogging...and of course meal planning because I have to be organized enough to make sure the kiddo has breakfast fixings and lunch fixings.

Here is the funny thing though this week I am FREE! Free as a bird to not make lunches or make sure there are cold lunch fixings, no quick and easy breakfasts or lunch snacks because my daughter's school is off on their week long class trip. It is a really neat concept they do a class trip with their "mentor" class which is basically like a homeroom/counseling class all in one and they get to go and bond as a class. They are doing some sort of survival skills camp which is super neat. Me however, I get a glimpse of what life will be like 5 years from now when the kiddo is off to University and it just being hubby and I. So, this here is my week of practice at meals for two.

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Breakfast options:
MWF: Oatmeal (I will boil up a big pot and just reheat throughout the week with different fruits and peanut butter)
T, Th: Banana pancakes with peanut butter & a little maple syrup
Saturday/Sunday: Blueberry muffin tops, served with butter/peanut butter and hard boiled eggs

Lunch Options
MWF: Chicken/tuna sandwiches on wheat baguette
T, Th: Chili
Saturday: Trying a new restaurant
Sunday: Sandwiches/fruit

Monday: Roasted Drumsticks and potatoes with sugar snap peas
Tuesday: Chicken and cheese crescent rolls with salad and corn/broccoli
Wednesday: I'm by myself for today so making something no one would like probably lol Broccoli Parm "Meatballs" with black bean burgers and salad
Thursday: Tacos with salad and corn
Friday: Kiddo is back home: Sweet and Sour chicken with fried rice...her fave!
Saturday: Will eat small since we'll have eaten big earlier in the day...Omelets with fruit
Sunday: Baked potato bar

Protein shakes, caramel apple energy balls, fruit, salad, and hard boiled eggs

P.S. This past month I have made a ton of new recipes I did a small round up here of some of my favorites, go check them out. Also, this past weekend I made this 3-Ingredient Instant Pudding I left out the oreo's as they tend to be very expensive where I am and not readily was amazing without them though and very, very rich...I loved it!

Even though the teenager is gone for the week I am still going to try and prep ahead for a successful week so I can stay on track with my goals! What are you planning to eat this week?


  1. You should really start practice for two. My husband and I have been empty nesters for six years or so and I still am awful at scaling down my meals.

    1. haha Thanks for the advice! It really is hard....we are only three so it isn't too bad but we still always have a ton of leftovers...I don't even know what the fridge will look like when this week is over! Next week may be all leftovers!

  2. Your meatballs on Wednesday sound delicious to me... but my family wouldn't be on board either! Enjoy your free time!

    1. haha! I feel ya. My daughter would tolerate them, but hubby wouldn't go near them!

      She hasn't been gone a day and I am going crazy with boredom already...I mean I already completed most of my monthly to do list! hahaha