Saturday, September 13, 2014

Travel the World in Books Read-a-thon Wrap-Up

As many of you know I've been participating in a Travel the World in books reading challenge. Well, the last two weeks has been a read-a-thon. There have been author interviews, book reviews, mini-challenges, and chats! Sadly, since I am a solid 6-9 hours ahead of everyone I do not get to participate in the chats, but I could participate in everything else!

Book I Read
For the read-a-thon I was concentrating on reading one book: Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson

It is a non-fiction piece that takes place in a few different areas, one most notably Iceland. I only have gotten through the first three chapters, not my normal speed but it is heavy. In the very beginning the main character is in an accident and he is burned very badly. The author describes this in full detail and burning is something I cannot handle, but it is integral to the book so I knew I had to read it, but I could only handle it in small doses. I am past that point, but as he talks about the doctors caring for him there is a little more that is hard to handle. He is now at the point where he is explaining in detail how he will commit suicide so once again, I am having to take it slow.  Davidson's writing is very good and I am hooked because I want to know what happens once this possibly schizophrenic woman comes in to his life and changes everything! So, I am hoping to get there sooner rather than later because so far the main setting is a hospital and well, I know what those look like....

There were three mini-challenges during the read-a-thon.

The first was to create a map to record your "journey". I did mine quite a while ago on Pinterest.

(I swear there is a map there ;))

Second challenge was to make some book spine poetry!

My First Month
The house of Velvet and Glass
Happier at Home

This was based on the fact that we are so new to Holland that you always wonder in that first month what things will be like, but now that we are settled in to our own home, we are so happy and really enjoying our time here. Making great use of all there is to do and see!

The final challenge was a scavenger hunt!

This was such a fun event to participate in! Thank you so much to Mom's Small Victories, I'm Lost in books, and Savvy Working Gal  for putting this together, thinking of challenges, and having some great giveaways for those who participated! I am so happy to continue this journey of reading and learning about new places.

What have you read lately, I'd love to hear about it in the comments...make my reading list grow! ;)

Happy Sunday y'all!


  1. Great wrap-up! I am interested in the book involving Iceland! I am collecting such things for my Northern Lights blog. I will come back to read your review--bravo for sticking with a book that sounds like it has some emotional challenges for the reader as well as the characters. I like how you made a grid of your scavenger hunt finds! Very nice! I like your reading spot :). I recall seeing Mario Batali and Gwyneth driving and eating their way through Spain, along with Mark Bittman--great TV and the tie-in book looks good too.

  2. Thanks kate for participating. So glad you enjoyed it. We will have to try a morning chat next time to see if we can catch all our European participants.