Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Week in Review of Workouts +WIAW

Wow, I am still trucking along in my P90X2/PiYo Journey. My ultimate goal is abs by my 34th birthday mid-November! So, in the spirit of my January goals I am working hard at finishing up X2!

This is how I ended week  4 and started week 5:

Thursday: PiYo Drench...I then started total body, skipped through a bunch of stuff and then gave up. I was exhausted. Sometimes ya just have to listen to your body. I then went on a really long bike ride...'twas awesome, but I was so tired!

Friday: X2 Yoga and Strength...because I had listened to my body on Thursday I was able to do all the exercises...I was tired by the end though!

Saturday: X2 Balance and power and PiYo Sweat...these two are an amazing combo and I love doing them together! I felt amazing afterword. Later in the day we took a really long walk downtown to a delicious place to eat.

Sunday: Rest, rest, rest. We wound up doing quite a bit of walking since the teenager had cheerleading, but that was fairly relaxing...we did wind up leaving early though because she felt awful.

Monday: X2 Core (I loathe this one so it was good make sure I completed it), and PiYo Sweat...I felt so zapped after this...of course it could have also had something to do with the mile walk for groceries earlier in the morning and then the 15 km bike ride for hair dye and face wash. haha The bike ride was amazing though, I live in a beautiful country!

Tuesday: 5km bike ride (had a parent event at the teenager's school), Plyocide, and PiYo Sculpt

Today: Will be another 5km bike ride for my book club meeting plus PiYo Core and X2 total body...Normally this is a partial rest day and I just do PiYo but I am switching that out due to Thursday's schedule...it is busy and the PiYo DVD is nearly an hour and I think I won't have the patience for two hours...just keepin' it real! ;)

Now for the goodies! 

It is nearly crunch time. I have to be really careful about what I put in my mouth and have to make sure it is only good stuff from here on out! I only have a little over two months until my next birthday and I really want to see some ab definition by that date. I am seeing a huge improvement, but know I can see more!

I haven't been very good about remembering to document a full day! So, here a bits and pieces of different days!  

Black bean burgers and broccoli meatballs...so good!

This is a homeamde maple caramel latte....it was so good! I will post a recipe soon.

The kiddo's cheer team celebrated their 5 year anniversary this Sunday.

This was my post workout snack....half apple elderberry juice, half superberries juice, and two slices of lemon squeezed in...delicious!

Well, that is all I have for this week...will have to be better about taking pictures this upcoming week....I think too it will help keep me more accountable of what I'm putting in my mouth...I need to put that nutella spoon down! I have an  issue this last week and a half with the nutella addiction! haha

What have you not been able to stop eating this last week?!

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