Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday +my weekly review of X3!

Wow, hump day already!!! Hard to believe we are already halfway through this week!

This past week was a delicious one!! I will let the photos speak for themselves...

A lovely mocha from my favorite coffee shop in town...Blenz! They always do the cutest latte art! This was  a treat from my hubby after we had a little daytime date.

Breakfast hash with over easy egg

Sole with breakfast hash

Dates with peanut butter and coconut manna

Korean BBQ....yum!

I call this leftover soup...it's quite literally all leftovers. It's a carrot-cauliflower soup I made  and I threw in some leftover peas, leftover corn, and leftover fish.

From Moderne Burger...So tasty.

Another tasty bit from Moderne. Make sure to read about our experience there!

Relaxing morning with my Shakeology and working on coming up with some new projects!

Noodle-less Mongolian BBQ.

Now, to work all this delicious food off I had to work hard. This last week I was mostly in the transition week of P90X3, and I just entered into block 2! I had to change from doing the Classic Version to the Lean Version because the classic was too pull up heavy and I still have an injury I am recovery from. So, here is my week in workouts:

Wednesday Accelerator (super fun, but way more work than I thought it would be lol)

Thursday: Pilates X (super core work, I forgot how hard Pilates was)

Friday: CVX (this is one of my favorites!)

Saturday: X3 Yoga...originally wasn't feeling well, but after having some shakeology and I nap I dug in and got it done, was a fantastic workout and I felt amazing afterward!

Sunday: Rest day

Monday: Accelerator

Tuesday: The Warrior

Up on deck today: X3 Yoga....this is my absolute favorite!

What did you do to work your body this past week?!

Now, I know a bunch of y'all are stopping by from What I Ate Wednesday...make sure to say HI! These are my most viewed days usually so I'd love to get to know you all! :) Click over on the right and find me on FB and stuff so we can chat! :)

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