Saturday, February 1, 2014

New Restaurant Friday: Moderne Burger, Vancouver, BC

For our New Restaurant "Friday", which seems to be occurring more and more on Saturday these days was at a place called Moderne Burger, in Kitsilano area of Vancouver, BC. My 14 year old actually found this place when browsing Bored In Vancouver! This was her first time choosing our restaurant for New Restaurant Friday and it was a total success, she was so proud of herself!

When you see it from the street it is all lit up with a neon sign out front, at night hard to miss. When you walk in it is a classic diner experience. Mint coloured booths, a counter with stools lining the food prep area, and a lots of cute pin-up style diner art.

Everyone was super nice from the minute we walked in to the restaurant. Our waitress even gave us a tip since we were all getting shakes, burgers, and fries for my daughter & I to just split the fries. Glad we took her up on the tip because it was a lot of food. I still have half a shake in the freezer and half a burger in the fridge!

Here are some photos from our meal:

Amazing chocolate shake!

Strawberry shake the husband enjoyed!

My platter...the kiddo had already taken about half the fries! o_O Unreal, right?!

Regular steakburger with two types of cheese. The beautiful part about Moderne is there are no additives to their beef and everything is made fresh in house!

Bacon cheeseburger & fries. 

We cleaned house! It was so tasty!

Moderne is a place we will go back to time and again. Affordable food, good for the whole family. Can't wait until our next visit.

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