Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday/WODs #13

Hello!! Welcome to Wednesday!!!

I couldn't resist, those meme's crack me up! So, let's talk about my workouts the last week. It hasn't been pretty. I tripped over my own two feet working out on Friday and bruised the heck out of my foot and ankle, and stretched a ligament pretty good! Then, Saturday night when we went to get our late night snack after dancing I fell off a curb and gave myself some nice little raspberries (ok, I took off some serious skin, should have been paying attention and not been so concerned about my carbs lol), so took more days off. :-/ But, I'm a tough chick and take it how it rolls....

Wednesday 14th: Total Body Circuit and Nooner Yoga at Canada Place (super lucky to get to participate in outdoor yoga in this beautiful summer weather!)

Thursday 15th:  Speed 1.0, one mile on the treadmill

Friday 16th: was supposed to be Total body circuit and ab intervals, but I hurt myself halfway through total body and just called it a day.

Saturday 17th: Foot and ankle were still hurting so just did some light walking and went dancing with the hub's later that night.

Sunday 18th: Saturday night I stepped off a curb and hurt my knees, one was still pretty swollen so hubby and I just layed around in bed all day like we were 20-somethings and relaxed!

Monday 19th: Total body circuit and ab intervals (modified, no impact due to knee and a strained ligament in my quad)

Tuesday 20th: took the day off, had tons of errands to run and just chilled, mental health day ;)

Today will be Cardio and Nooner Yoga at Canada Place, I may try and get a little run in too, but we'll see how the knee and quad are feeling.

Now for the food!!

It is of course....

So...here's what I've eaten over the course of the last week...

This is a Banana Walnut Bon Chaz bun. Light and yummy!

Breakfast one morning: one egg & two egg whites, a smashed potato, strawberries, lemon water with cinnamon and honey.

Dinner: Amy's veggie/lentil burger, smashed potatoes, and a zucchini

Some weird cocktail at a local Korean Restaurant. It tasted overwhelmingly like Kool-Aid, almost felt like I was back in college! :-/

Sub from our local market Urban Fare. It was all veggie...so tasty!

Well, that's all I have for now. I have some tasty things coming up next week as I actually did some baking ;) I am also going to address nutrition goals in my next WIAW post because I have some goals I'm going to be setting for myself to really get focused on clean eating again. Since our move last year we've had a heck of a time staying "clean", but we're getting there!

Hope everyone has a great, Hump Day!!!

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