Monday, August 5, 2013

Menu Plan Monday #17

Well, happy Monday!!! So, we've been back from our vacation for over a week now and I have successfully cooked twice. Yup, you read correctly I didn't stick to my meal plan almost at all last week. With getting in at one in the morning last Monday, then leaving for Seattle to pick up the kiddo's friend at seven am Tuesday Morning, getting stuck in a four hour traffic jam coming back from Seattle, and then tons of hiking, various other activities, and making use of restaurant leftovers we have not cooked too much. But, here we are at a new week and I am so ready to get back into our routine!!


Monday: Eggs, fruit, toast
Tuesday: Cereal and Bananas
Wednesday: Egg sandwich, fruit salad
Thursday: Over night oats
Friday: French toast kebabs with coffee/cocoa
Saturday: Grab a light pastry at the farmer's market


Monday: Veggie/ham and cheese sandwiches with a caprese salad
Tuesday: Tuna salad/chicken salad with hard boiled eggs
Wednesday: Leftover smorgasbord picnic in the park
Thursday: I am going to surprise my kiddo by spending a little extra time in Seattle and go to Pike's Place Market and see what we can get to eat there! It's a solid 20 minutes out of our way but I figure it will be a great time!
Saturday: Omelets with bacon and toast 
Sunday: See what we have leftover and use it up!


Monday: Pork chops with corn on the cob, crispy smashed potatoes, and zucchini boats (we have a vegetarian staying with us so have to make a little extra ;))
Tuesday: Hamburgers/veggie burgers with summer squash (Since we have cheer practice this night we will probably eat this for lunch then have our leftovers for dinner)
Wednesday: Chicken breast/veggie burger with corn on the cob and squash
Thursday: Crockpot BBQ Beer Chicken with carrots and any other leftover squash (we will have been traveling all day and this is a delicious recipe everyone in my family loves) 
Friday: Chicken alfredo/veggie not so 'fredo with side salad 
Saturday: Date night/New Restaurant Saturday (usually we do this on Friday's, but changed it for this week because there is an event we want to go to tonight)
Sunday: Steak taco's/veggie taco's with salad and corn

This winds up being quite a busy week for us, but that is what the summer is for, right?! Long summer nights..... What are you all having for dinner this week?

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