Saturday, August 31, 2013

Welcome September!!!

So, September. This is a time of change. School is starting back, seasons are changing (whether or not you can feel it!).

For the month of September I am participating in a few challenges.

The first is a blogging challenge:

This is a blogging challenge that gives you a prompt to blog on each day, then you can share your link for the day! It's great if you are having a bit of writer's block, or like me are just starting a blog and need more topics to blog about! I am really looking forward to participating, she has some super cute topics to blog about listed in the challenge. If you are a blogger, or not and just want to write you should pop over and join in!

The second is a photo challenge.

Capture Your 365

This is a monthly photo challenge I just found. It appears as though they've had them each month, they give really a cute idea for a photo for the day to document your life! It's super fun and will really help me to remember each and every day! You should pop over and join too! 

The last is a fitness challenge. The details aren't set in stone just yet, but it's located here:

It will be a "bodacious booty" challenge to keep those buns looking quite nice. It will have a combination/variation of many of these exercises. Should be a fun one to get through September! 

I am looking to make September a month of accomplishment along with completing the last 5 weeks of Focus T25. What are you going to do to make September a great month??????

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