Sunday, August 11, 2013

Meal Plan Monday #18

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Happy Monday, Everyone!! I haven't been blogging too much the past couple of weeks. With summer upon us it sadly went a bit by the wayside. Up here in Vancouver we have to take advantage of the beautiful weather when we have it otherwise we risk regretting it around mid-November! ;) We've been doing a ton of hiking, saw a real, very large waterfall, and some other beautiful scenery. But, we are on the countdown for back to school. The kiddo is in the last three weeks of summer filled with camps and other various back to school activities. So, that being said things should get back to normal so I can really get back into this blogging thing. I have tons of great posts coming up! But, that's not what we are here for without further is my meal plan for the week!

These are the items I got from the farmer's market...they are going the be the stars of my meals this week....

First, don't forget to clean out your kitchen and toss any expired or questionable food, leftovers make sure to make them the star of a meal Monday or Tuesday!!!

Mostly consisting of fresh strawberries, cherries, and bananas, popcorn, almonds and creme frais (fresh cream cheese from the farmer's market), and ham

Monday: Egg and avocado sandwich with cucumber slices and strawberries
Tuesday: oatmeal raisin "cookie" overnight oats
Wednesday: cereal with bananas/cream cheese toast with pb and bananas
Thursday: Egg sandwiches with cucumbers and avocado
Friday: Creamy overnight oats
Saturday: Cereal
Sunday: Omelettes with bacon and muffins

Me: veggie sandwich with avocado and homemade vegan ranch dressing, hard boiled egg, and cucumber slices
Kiddo: Ham sandwich, hardboiled egg, cucmbers
Tuesday: Leftover squash spaghetti, almonds
Me: Chicken salad served on zucchini "crackers" with vegan ranch for dipping, toasted almonds
Kiddo: Chicken salad with zucchini "chips" and cucumber "chips"; granola
Me: Leftovers
Kiddo: Grilled ham & cheese (served cold), fruit salad, cucumbers
Friday: Leftovers
Saturday: Plate of: ham slices, cheese slices, fruit, cucumber slices, mixed nuts
Sunday: Just a basic plate of popcorn, fruit, cheese, nuts

Monday: Grilled cheese, chicken & rice soup with carrots, chips/salad
Tuesday: BBQ Chicken Breasts with yellow squash boats, rice, and quinoa
Wednesday: Teriyaki beef with fried rice/fried quinoa (this will be made using the leftovers from Tuesday)
Thursday: Quinoa with roasted beets salad (using leftover quinoa from Tuesday...can you tell I'm the only one that really eats it ;))/breakfast for dinner for everyone else
Friday: New Restaurant Friday...somewhere teen friendly since she leaves for camp the next day we'll treat her ;)
***These next two recipes are from the Williams-Sonoma Steak & Chops Recipe book. It's a seriously amazing cookbook! A definite fave!

Saturday: Pork chops with sherry gravy, farmer's market veggies (tbd), and roasted potatoes
Sunday: Pineapple-hoisin glazed pork ribs, broccolini, corn on the cob

Soft batch coconut oil cookies

So, that's it for us for the week! I'm trying two new recipes, the soft batch coconut cookies and the pineapple-hoisin glazed pork ribs! Are you trying anything new this week?

P.S. Happy Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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