Thursday, August 15, 2013

Taking care of YOU!

Taking care of you. Hmmm...let's take a moment and think on that one. 

Whether you are a man or a woman taking care of you is probably the single most important thing. Life gets super busy whether you are a teen in school, a young adult in college, a recent grad single and looking for a job, someone settled in a career, newlyweds, families, I could keep listing but it seems that in today's society taking care of ourselves goes by the wayside. But, it shouldn't. As if we don't, we can't possibly give 100% to those we love and the things we love.

At some point we begin to feel empty. We need to recharge. Right now I'm not going to harp on eating healthy and exercising, although those are one way to recharge. But, I'm talking about recharging and focusing on your body for the minute and getting some time alone. You may say but I don't have time for that! There is a lot we don't have time for, but we make time for it because we want to. So, you is something you should take time out to recharge.

Even when I worked full time each and every evening I'd take 15 minutes (honestly it was usually after the kiddo went to sleep) and take a nice hot bubble bath. I'd close the door, turn on some relaxing music, read a book. Just get away from everyone and have some me time. That's just one small way I'd re-energize each day. Each week though I do try and take some time out by getting a mani and a pedi. I know not every one can afford this luxury. Heck, honestly, I don't afford the luxury...I do my own mani and pedi. It's easy and I lock myself in my bathroom and just take the time out.

Here are other ways to take time for yourself:
  • walk
  • massage
  • hair cut/dye
  • eye brow waxing/threading
  • reading
  • get a coffee alone
  • have lunch with a friend

These are just some ways that I take a time out. There are of course several others, just do what makes you happy! These things don't have to cost money as you can see many are free, you just have to know when to tell those around you I need a 15 minute'd be amazed at what it can do for you!

Now, next week I am going to have a post on how to do an at home mani. To get ready check out these homemade beauty products and make a few so you are ready:
These are some easy to put together products that will make your mani glorious!

What is your favorite way to relax and take a time out? Also, do you have a date with yourself?

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