Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday/WOD's #12

Last week I was so discombobulated! We had just gotten back from a month long vacation in FL, dd had a good friend come in from FL, so we were just moovin’ and groovin’ all week so I did not get around to doing a WIAW and my WODs! I was disappointed, but I am back in full swing now!

Since the 31st of July I’ve been back at my T25. You can read about my first week of it here. Well, while on vacation I feel off the wagon because my brother and sister in law were with me and we wanted to do stuff together like run, make up our own boot camps, and kayak.  So, that being said, this is what my schedule has looked like over the last two weeks:

July 31st-August 6th
1st-Rest; took the teen & friend hiking up to a waterfall
2nd-Speed 1.0
3rd-Total Body Circuit
4th-Ab Intervals
5th-Cardio & Lower focus (I do cardio first so I can get a good sweat going, lower focus gives you a great sweat don’t get me wrong, but something about the cardio is just more intense and I like to get that over with)
  • After this week I wasn't too terribly sore. I felt like I had good workouts, but I wasn't complaining every time I moved….

August 7th-August 13th
8th-Total Body Circuit
***After TBC I woke up on the 9th and was sooooo sore all over!!!! I was exhausted! But, I still got on it….
9th-Speed 1.0
10th-Lover Focus and Ab Intervals (This was our date night and I didn’t want to do a doubles the day after a long night, so I switched them ;))
****So glad I switched doubles and cardio…I was so tired after our evening out I almost didn’t do cardio on the 11th, but since I have an awesomely supportive hubby he encouraged me to get it done and I did! It did impress upon me how important it is for me to not stuff my body with crap because it was a hard workout after eating an apple fritter the size of my head for breakfast and lunch :-/
12th-Rest day; just stretching
13th-Rest day; just stretching
Coming up this week is Week 3 of Alpha Phase of Focus T25. It starts with Total Body Circuit and ends with a double of Total Body Circuit and Ab intervals.

My goals for this week: Complete week 3 of T25, run a total of 4 miles; stretch every morning and every night focusing on the splits.

Now here is a sampling of what I've eaten the last couple of weeks!

This is what I had for lunch prior to getting on the plane:

Cracker Barrel Pecan Pancakes. They were scrumptious!

This is our dinner on the plane that my sweet Mom made us:

It was a GIANT sandwich for us to split, purple grapes and green onions (my daughter loves raw onions lol), freeze dried apple slices, and freeze dried peach and peach slices. We snacked on this all throughout the day. Hubby brought us snacks when we got home but we were so full we didn’t need them!

This was my lunch when we went to Seattle, WA to pick up the teen’s friend from the airport. 
We stopped at Panera and I had this awesome corn soup, apple, and some Mediterranean sandwich. I’d never had Feta before this sandwich and I’m a fan!

This series of pictures is from the day we drove up to Squamish. We took the kids to see a cove (great beach area for some hiking and walking, beautiful scenery) and then we hiked through the mountains a bit to see a waterfall. After all that we were hungry so we hunted down this amazing little BBQ place in Squamish. We just got a big meal for everyone to split:

BBQ Chicken

Ribs, Brisket, and Pulled Pork
Macaroni and Cheese (this was strange as I think the noodles were covered in Turmeric then it just had a bunch of fresh cheddar on top), Hash (shoes string fries, like hash browns almost), and creamed corn with what I think is Siracha on top (I’ve never had that but it was ketchup like but spicy), the salad our vegetarian got, and a few of the sauces.

Last is the BEST lemonade EVER! It’s a special for the summer from Boylan’s. All real ingredients and super delish!

This was my farmer’s market haul from the 3rd. I got 3 different types of garlic…how many of you knew there were different types of garlic???? I certainly did not! I love going and learning new things about my food!

This isn’t something I ate but it’s hilarious:

$36 at Costco will get you  this GIANT tub of Nutella! I think I may go back upon the suggestion of a friend as a gag gift for the teen for Christmas or Birthday. This picture doesn’t do it justice but it was HUGE!!!!

These are some free latte’s we got when at Pike’s Place Market/The Waterfront when in Seattle last week. Can’t beat free coffee! ;)

This was breakfast one day. The egg was a bit over cooked, but I’ll get the timing right soon. It was tasty!

My farmer’s market haul from the 10th. So much delicious cheese! The crème frais is amazing! It’s super fresh and doesn’t have all the fatty filler like regular cream cheese. Plus it has a touch of raspberry in it…can’t beat it!! I have an amazing recipe using that and the strawberries coming up Friday!

The next few pictures are of our New Restaurant Friday Saturday. We went to Eighteen Twenty Seven in Langley. We were out that way for a party and it had amazing Yelp reviews. You can read mine here.
This is the Belinitini I had. Love the colouring of it and it was totally delicious!

My meal was seared halibut, a risotto cake, and fresh veggies. I am working on recreating that risotto cake. Amazing!

This is the apple fritter that made my workout Sunday less than stellar! As you can see it was GIANT. I wasn’t kidding! It’s from this great new bakery we found by our house called La Breka. Local and fresh, can’t resist a pastry like that!

Well, that’s it for this week’s edition! What was your favourite food from this last week??????????

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  1. Love the idea of cooking an egg in avocado. Totally trying that this week. Thanks for the inspiration : )