Monday, January 27, 2014

Menu Plan Monday #36 +a little weekend recap

Hello! I hope everyone's week is starting off spectacularly so far!

This weekend for our little family was quite an exciting one. For Christmas we all got snowboarding gear, lift tickets, and a lesson for the 3 of us. Well, we had to cancel our trip as my daughter had unfortunately gotten ill just before Christmas (seriously, two days before!), and then I got sick on Christmas day! It was absolutely awful and took me weeks to be rid of whatever virus I had. But, fortunately we were able to reschedule at our leisure and decided to go Saturday afternoon. Honestly this was the first weekend we were able to actually go, plus my daughter is studying for mid-terms so it gave her a much needed brain break. ...and exhausted her enough that she slept amazingly well! Here are a few photos from our trip...

Prior to the lesson while we were putting on our boots...I love my little toque (aka beanie lol), was so sunny, couldn't wait to get on the snow! 

All of us post snowboarding. Thank goodness our faces are covered we were all in pain! 

When we decided to take a break after our lesson hubby had never been up to the mountain so I took him to see the city. Isn't it gorgeous?!

This as you look out there is some ocean in there but it is actually covered by all the fog/clouds! Isn't that amazing?! I love the halo around the sun & the little reflection of the sun in the middle right. It was such an amazing day!

Otherwise the weekend was pretty chill. Saturday night we watch Captain Phillips. 

It was a fantastic movie and would 100% recommend watching it! Have some tissues ready for the end though!

Sunday we just chilled and relaxed in the morning. The teenager used Skype/Facetime to study with a friend. Starting the 21 Day Sugar Detox over today so looking forward to making some lemon chicken and apple sausage. 

What was your favourite part of the weekend??

Anyway...on to what you are all really here for: Menu Plan Monday!

I am linking up over at Org Junkie so come on over & check out all the other menus!!

As I said earlier, I am starting the 21 Day Sugar Detox over. I had one semi-bad week and just wasn't feeling successful so decided to start fresh. Here is what I will be eating for the first 1/3 of the detox:

Breakfast ideas: Apple sausage & eggs, breakfast hash & eggs, breakfast pizza, paleo pancakes and cinnamon apples, and apple "donuts" for our Sunday treat.

Lunch ideas: Breakfast hash, chicken salad, chicken fried cauliflower, and whatever other leftovers


Monday: Mini chicken pot pies with a mashed cauliflower topping, side salad; bbq shredded chicken for the hubs and salad and corn for his sides

Tuesday: Fish & veggies with cauliflower soup; breakfast for dinner

Wednesday: Changing up our "New Restaurant Friday" for today since we are going to our Dungeons & Dragons comedy show. We will pop in to a new pub in that area. There is some super unique stuff so can't wait!

Thursday: Soup & sandwiches...for me & the teen: 21 day sugar detox chicken "panini" and leftover cauliflower soup; for the hubs: regular ol' grilled cheese with chicken noodle soup

Friday: Mustard glazed chicken thighs with golden beets/corn for the hubs

Saturday: Hot & sweet ginger chicken, cucumber salad, and rice/corn

Sunday: Cinnamon pork chops with broccoli and quinoa/rice & corn

All of the above recipes are somehow from the 21 Day Sugar Detox guide book. I am taking a lot and changing them up so we are eating some fun things that resemble some of our old family favourites! 

What are you all cookin' up this week? Share it with me! 


  1. Yay, someone else that knows the word toque! I'm American, but my fiance is Canadian and I did a blog post on Friday about 5 words that you guys use that we don't and toque was one of the words.

  2. We lived in Canada for 4 months and I picked up the word toque while we were there. I still use it today (as do my kids and hubby) and it's 10 years later! No one here in the States knows what we are talking about but that's okay!