Monday, January 13, 2014

Menu Plan Monday #34 +a tiny weekend recap

Wow, what a weekend this was! It wasn't necessarily too busy but there certainly was just a lot to get done.

Friday was a nice relaxing evening. Went out for a little shopping with the husband in the rain, then on the walk home picked up some chicken and potatoes at our local market. It was yummy and enjoyable. He also got his workout in! So proud of him for that!

Saturday my daughter had a cheerleading competition. It was held in a city called Chiliwack. It's about 90 minutes to the interior of BC. The weather there was horrendous. It was hard to keep the car in a lane because of the wind and it was so dark and rainy it was hard to see the lines on the road. But, due to my Mr's amazing skillz at driving we managed to make it there and back in one piece. Here are some pictures:

That's my girl right in the middle! 

Beautiful back walkover

A dancing maniac! hehehe This is probably my favorite picture of the weekend!

She can actually get that leg parallel up against her back! O_o

While we were there, since it was an all day event and we had been really good about eating only real, whole foods this week I packed us a nice bag of goodies:

Peanuts, raisins, bacon, water, snap pea crisps, pecans, plus some personal development books and a camera.

Sunday was so lazy. Spend exercising and relaxing with my hubby. I really, really enjoy those days. We cooked up some chicken legs and potatoes...mmm, mmm, mmm.

This week we have really kicked our nutrition into high gear by starting the 21 Day Sugar Detox. All my meals this week are free of sugar (except for a few exceptions I have to make for hubby's finicky palate, but I won't be eating those, just him). I will also continue drinking my Shakeology during this time but it is my only exception.

Breakfast ideas: Egg muffins with avocado, root veggie hash & eggs, sausage & veggies, leftovers, and apple cinnamon donuts from the book
So tasty & so filling! Egg "muffins"

Lunch ideas: Shakeology, tuna salad (I don't like canned salmon so opting for the tuna), chicken salad, leftovers, and sunday will be chicken breasts with veggies

Snack ideas: Shakeology, jerky, cinnilla nut mix, green apple and peanut butter, banola and coconut cream

Cinnilla Nut Mix from 21 Day Sugar Detox Book

Directions to make this here!

 Monday: Mexican Burgers, creamy herb mashed cauliflower, rice/black beans
Tuesday: Salmon with caper tapenade,  pork chops for the hubby, and salad
Wednesday: (will adapt to crockpot) mustard glazed chicken thighs, golden beets and peas
Thursday: Breakfast for dinner: paleo pancakes with nut butter, and omelettes filled with full fat cheese, bacon, spinach, and other veggies
Friday: New Restaurant Friday: Rain City Grill  (bonus they are starting their Dine Out Vancouver special EARLY! WOOHOO!)
Saturday: Shepard's pie and salad; for hubby: burger from ground meat in the pie, and cucumbers and corn
Sunday: Braised beef short ribs, cauli rice, and any leftover veggies to use them up and start the week fresh! 

So, that is it for me this week! Come on over and pin with me on pinterest and share you meals with me over at facebook!

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