Monday, January 20, 2014

Menu Plan Monday #35

Hi all! So, our weekend was rather uneventful all in all.

Friday night we spent visiting friends in the 'burbs so she could cut my hair, the guys had to put together a computer, and then we had dinner together and played games. They cooked us kebabs and sweet 'tater fries. I should have taken a picture but was afraid they'd think me a freak so I figure we should get to know them a bit more before I start snapping pictures of my food. Of course, if they read this then the ice is broken so I say I am free to snap all the photos I want of food.

Moving on...Saturday the teen & I spend the day at the mall after an early morning workout. We have been searching for clue...seems there has been a run on it as I can't find it anywhere! Seriously, what the heck?! Anyway, then we tried a new restaurant for our weekly New Restaurant day. You can read about it here. Then, the husband and I took some time to go out dancin'! That was fun, hadn't dressed up and done that in a few months.

Sunday was a very lazy day. It was spend mostly getting ready for the week and not moving from the couch. I did however take the time to do quite a bit of meal planning and prep...are ya ready?! Here we go....

Breakfast: Eggs & bacon/avocado, Banana Muffins, root veggie hash & eggs
Lunch: Shakeology, leftovers, tuna salad, chicken salad, 
Snacks: Shakeology, banola & almond milk, 21DSD pb cups, nut mix, green apples & peanut butter

Monday: Shepard's pie and salad; for the hubby I will make him a burger with corn and peas
Tuesday: Sole with cauliflower soup/chicken soup for the hubby, with a side of quinoa/rice
Wednesday: Hot and sour ginger garlic chicken (I am going to adapt this for the crockpot), with cucumber salad and some leftover rice/quinoa (and corn for the hubby)
Thursday: Pork Chops with broccoli and whatever is leftover (soup, rice, quinoa, etc)
Friday: New Restaurant Friday: I have no idea where we will try yet, but it will be something yummy, but cheap lol Will be a challenge to find something in my 21 day sugar detox diet when we go out. :P
Saturday: Ginger-garlic beef and broccoli/corn (for hubby), with rice/cauli-rice
Sunday: Double pork tenderloin (basically a bacon wrapped pork tenderloin), green apple salad, and whatever is left of the quinoa/rice/cauli-rice.

Here is some of my prep work:

My 21 Day Sugar Detox Spaghetti Bolognese leftovers. This is the best recipe in the world. I am addicted to it!

Some hard boiled eggs, avocado, some coconut cream, and some cucumber and tomato salad.

This is my leftover bin. There is my homemade italian dressing, some butter, som green beans and rice, and some shakeology.

My apples I was about to cut up. They are so delicious with some fresh peanut butter!

So, that is what we have going on this week. If you didn't see it at the end of last week also make sure to go check out the super cute Valentine's Heart Garland Tutorial I put up!

Tell me, what are you all having this week? I am always looking for some delicious, healthy recipes to try...have any favourites I need to cook up??

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