Monday, September 14, 2015

8 Things I do When my Husband is Away

My husband is out of town for a conference-in Tokyo. I hate him. Not really, but he better bring me back something better than bottle panties. Yes, I said bottle panties, apparently all the rage in Japan right now.

Anyway, he has been out of town a lot over the last 6 months and it got me thinking, I do a few things that are a bit out of the ordinary for my everyday schedule when he is here is my list, even if it is  a little lame.

I don't hog the bed. Shockingly. I know most people starfish when their partner is gone, but me, most of the reason I'm all over the bed is to smother cuddle him-so when he isn't reason for me to be over there. Makes making the bed incredibly easy!

Binge watch Netflix/my fave shows from Amazon or iTunes.. Bad. I do this once in a blue moon when he is in town, but when he isn't here it is really bad. I'm in the middle of Season 1 of Suits now and will soon move on to Royal.

Spend at least one full day in my pajamas. I have a pretty strict routine when he's here of get everyone out the door, workout, shower dress, clean, go do something outside, come home cook dinner, etc. When he isn't here though there is always that one glorious day I never get out of my pajamas. Such a treat.

I don't cook or eat any meat. My husband is a carnivore, teenager and I are herbivores. So, when he isn't here we don't eat any meat, makes for cleaning the kitchen much quicker!

We also eat a shitton of leftovers. My husband is one of those weird individuals that hates leftovers. I don't get it. Do you know one of these people?

Aimlessly wander. We don't do this much when the husband is here because he hates just walking, he wants to have a destination. So we often just go downtown and wander around and sit by canals until the sun sets. Then we usually get dessert.

See every movie in the theaters. We don't like to leave the hubby home alone much so when he isn't here, even if it is a bad movie we go and see it. We probably go to the theater once every other day when he isn't here. We have a monthly unlimited pass, so we really make use out of it.

Go to bed early every.single.night. My husband is a night owl, I am not. Plain and simple. We compromise when he's home I go to be early a few nights a week, stay up later a couple nights, and on Saturday I am always up later because that is our night out usually. But when he isn't here by the time he gets home I am so well rested he gets a full week of my company in his night owl ways.

Do you do anything silly or out of the ordinary when your significant other is away? These don't seem like much, but they sure are fun!

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