Monday, September 7, 2015

Summer Holiday Recap in St. Augustine Beach

Well, well, well. Here I sit trying to figure out how to get back on my blogging path. I started yesterday with my Menu Plan Monday explaining the 21 Day fix, but overall it has been a really long and wonderful summer. My last post was during my anniversary week, which my husband spent in Los Angeles, after he got home everything got crazy. In fact, I finished a ton of posts for that week and I wound up never finishing them, but I have them scheduled throughout the rest of this month so I'm reliving it all. During this time it was the kiddo's last week of school, it was my friend's last week here so we were bouncing all around trying to see each other (only reason the expat life sucks, people come and go), and then we booked last minute trip to visit my parents in Florida, whom we hadn't seen in two years, since our last visit there in the summer of 2013! So, basically I haven't been blogging because I have been super busy living life! I am returning though with a heart full and ready to share so much with all of you!

Today, I want to share with y'all our time in Florida over July and August and hopefully give you some super fun ideas to plan your next family vacation as there really is more to Florida than Miami and Mickey Mouse!

The first place I am going to highlight is St. Augustine. I seriously cannot say enough about this wee little city. It is not only our nations oldest city, celebrating it's 450th Anniversary this week, but it full of so many fun activities!

Beach, beach, and more beach!

We vacation in Crescent Beach, which is just south of the St. Augustine Beach Pier.

It is really beautiful and there are many places to rent along the beach. It is less populated than the popular pier area and you can still drive on parts of the beach, although I wouldn't recommend unless you are experienced.

Obviously I think catching a sunrise is the bees knees, but if you are at the beach during a full moon a moon rise is pretty darn majestic.

Once you're on the beach it is always fun to check out the wildlife.


Eating a crab for breakfast.

A full muscle this is rare.
These were just a sampling of the fun things we saw on our walk. The starfish, if they were alive I threw them back, which is why I was holding the one, he was moving quite a bit so I threw him back, I threw the fish back too although it totally freaked my teenager out.

While we were there the shark life was very active as well. A number of fishermen caught the small ones and there was a decent size one swimming in the surf as well one day. We saw a stingray and some dolphins as well!

In this area there are several places to rent a board that are extremely affordable. They all offer lessons as well. We rented from the Surf Station, they have a little "sub station" South of the original Surf Station on A1A next to South Beach Grill. This was walking distance down the beach from my parents place and we were able to surf down the beach on our trek to bring the board back...the guy mentioned that was a first ;)

Stand Up Paddle Board/Kayak
I sadly have no photos as we didn't get a waterproof camera this time around and I have no special case for my phone. But, if you go out to Anastasia State Park and go down to Anastasia Water Sports they have a great shack there with all sorts of sporting equipment to rent. It is the same place we rented in 2013 with my brother and sister in law. (P.S. Get the ice cream...its call Big Kahuna or something cheesy but it is freaking amazing! Best enjoyed in the pouring rain ;))

Go to the Farmer's Market
The one on Wednesday at the Pier is my absolute favorite. Boiled peanuts, great produce, and a fab natural soap stand. Go check it out.
This photo actually has a cute story. Our friend had a dollar in his wallet from the last time he was in the U.S. When my hubby came home for a week he gave it to him to spend and my hubby forgot, so we took the dollar and put it to good use, sent this photo to him so he'd know what his dollar bought! ha!

Our market spoils of fresh peaches, watermelon, all sorts of veggies, and boiled peanuts of course!

Visit Downtown St. Augustine
There is The Fort, George Street, a beautiful cathedral, and the Lions Gate Bridge, and an awesome carousel and park. Go visit. Now.

At the Fort.

More of The Fort.

On George Street.

On the carousel. This carousel is quite old, much older than me in fact! There is also a park here and it is located next to the local library!

Shopping at the Outlet Mall
We didn't take any photos here but we sure did buy a lot of freaking clothes. We always hit this place up when we come back. It has improved a lot since I left there in 2000, if you want a deal, this is your place.

St. Augustine truly is a favorite place of mine to visit. There is even so much more to do than I have listed here, this is just what we did this trip. What is your favorite vacation destination?

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