Thursday, September 17, 2015

Keeping Busy on an Airplane for 8+ Hours

Imagine yourself flying over the Atlantic, now you're stuck here for the next 8 least! We've done flights where we are stuck in one spot for 12. These flights aren't easy...quite frankly they suck, but are a part of life if you want to travel. Luckily for you...the teenager and I came up with a few ways to keep you entertained aside from zoning out to movies.

  1. Play with your food. We always buy a pack of gummies before getting on a long flight, we like to close our eyes and either randomly pick a gummy or let the other person pick for us and we have to guess the flavor...or inappropriate shape 😂
    Only Haribo will do..we are neighbours with Germany...
    But, Haribo may want to rethink this *shape* really is scissors!
  2. Meditate. We did a meditation where we turned in our seats to face each other (and we probably angered our sweet neighbour lol) or you can use an app like I do sometimes called meditations. We used both on this last flight and it was very calming. In fact, we both fell asleep for about two hours! 
  3. Complete a YouTube Challenge. Normally I hate these but there are some super cute ones out there that can easily be done on an airplane, like the guess the emoji challenge. The biggest issue we had was keeping our laughter to a minimum so our seat mate didn't completely hate us! 
  4. Have a reading challenge. Challenge your travel buddies to see who can read the most pages in their book. My teenager read an entire novella plus half a book. 
  5. Make a list. Use this time to think up all the fun things you want to do at your destination...or less fun but necessary things you need to do once back home.
  6. Have a wing shot photo contest. We love to take wing shots as we always seem to get the wing seats in the airplane, so take a few photos and see who gets the best one, if you two can't decide and your seat mate is nice get them in on the action or post to social media once you're on the ground!
    Sunset...anyone having flashbacks to their high school production of Fiddler on the Roof?! haha Seriously though, I love this photo, it feels very nasa-y. 
These are just a few of the ideas we came up with over our last few plane rides. They helped us keep entertained when the movie selection was no good.

What are your favorite things to keep you entertained on an airplane?


  1. Love those "scissors" gummies. Oh, Germans.

    1. hahaha I know! They cracked us up, thinking about printing it to post on the door in case it seems like it might be a lousy day! :P