Saturday, September 12, 2015

Menu Plan Monday 21 Day Fix Extreme +Weekly Recap

Happy Sunday y'all!

So, this last week I've really worked hard at getting a few posts together, here's a look at last week:

Last week's Menu Plan Monday, I was starting week two of 21 Day Fix Extreme.
My second post of the week was a recap of my summer holiday in St. Augustine.
Sixteen things I've learned in 16 years of marriage...this post has been incredibly popular.

Coming up this week:
A list of things I do when hubby is gone
What I Ate Wednesday, a recap from my holiday (can you tell I'm not ready to let go of summer! ha!)
How we keep busy on long plane rides
A recap of our overnight layover at London Heathrow Airport
Plus a day trip recap to Zaanse Schans, just outside of Amsterdam

This should be a busy week and I am so excited to share these with y'all!

So...first up..workout schedule.
This is my last week of 21 Day Fix Extreme. So far from week 1 to week 2 I lost 2 cm all over. I don't weight myself on a scale so I have no idea how that's going nor do I care but I can see all sorts of all over definition so far, raised booty, and thinner thighs.

Monday: Plyo Fix Extreme +10 min hard core
Tuesday: Upper Fix Extreme
Wednesday: Pilates Fix Extreme+10 min hard core
Thursday: Lower Fix Extreme
Friday: Cardio Fix Extreme+10 min hard core
Saturday: Dirty 30 Extreme
Sunday: Yoga Fix Extreme+10 min hard core

I will add for most of these workouts you need weights, I don't have those so where I can I use my bands, where I can't use bands I just do my best to kick ass and use my own body weight to give me a good workout.


  • Complete Workouts
  • Stick to competition prep eating plan all week
  • Finish Cologne Itinerary
  • Start Milan Itinerary and make reservations for hubby's birthday
Weekly Menu

Monday: Egg whites, spinach, peppers (red, green)
Tuesday: Oatmeal with pumpkin puree and pie spice, egg whites (yellow, green, red)
Wednesday: Egg whites, spinach, peppers (red, green)
Thursday: Oatmeal with pumpkin puree and pie spice, egg whites  (yellow, green, red)
Friday: Egg whites, spinach, peppers (red, green)
Saturday: Oatmeal with pumpkin puree and pie spice, egg whites  (yellow, green, red)
Sunday: Egg whites, spinach, peppers (red, green)

Mid Morning Snack
Will be a protein shake with water everyday. That won't change; boring but necessary post workout.

To make it easy on myself I will just make two things to choose from for the whole week. The kiddo will take dinner leftovers in her thermos or a yumbox full of goodies...stay tuned to my Instagram for photos of that.
Monday: Ground chicken with peppers and broccoli (red, green)
Tuesday: Chicken breast and green beans (red, green)
Wednesday: Ground chicken with peppers and broccoli (red, green)
Thursday: Chicken breast and green beans (red, green)
Friday: Ground chicken with peppers and broccoli (red, green)
Saturday: Chicken breast and green beans (red, green)
Sunday: Ground chicken with peppers and broccoli (red, green)

Afternoon snacks will consist of fruit pumpkin seeds since I will be making quite a bit of pumpkin puree I want to use those up. I will also use this time to make up for any containers I may be missing, while avoiding any foods that bloat me like my afternoon coffee. ha!


Monday: Salad with cottage cheese and whipped butternut squash on the side
Tuesday: Beef and butternut stew with a side salad
Wednesday: Cauliflower fried rice with chicken and sweet potato
Thursday: Beef and butternut stew with a side salad
Friday:Cauliflower fried rice with chicken and sweet potato
Saturday: Eat out at the food festival
Sunday: Leftovers

This week's meals are a bit boring but the hubby is out of town and I plan on really focusing on diet and eating right so I plan on cooking in bulk and eating from that. Right now shredding is what means the most to me, so keeping it simple!

Tell me, what are you up to this week? What are you eating?

Have a great week!

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  1. I'm so tempted to try fix extreme. How similar is it to the original 21 day fix?

    1. I love the extreme! I didn't do the original fix...I moved before it released and when I ordered it on a visit back to the states I went with extreme just because I knew the workouts would be a little more difficult. The diet differs in that they give you a countdown to competition schedule and let you know what foods to avoid right before a bikini competition. I'm only going to follow that the last three days of the week because I'm not prepping for anything and I am really pleased with the results I am seeing.

  2. Oatmeal with pumpkin puree...OH my!! That is being added to my rotation as soon as it feels more fallish around here :) Great plan!

    1. It is so amazing! Add a little pumpkin pie spice to it and it is incredibly delicious! Plus, it is a dose of veggies first thing in the morning, can't beat that! :D