Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday Birthday Recap!!!!!

Some of you may or may not know, but Monday was my birthday! I was a little sad because 1) my hubby had to be gone on my birthday due to a business trip and 2) when we celebrated Sunday he was sick. Like seriously, so, so, so, so, so sick. He had no energy and with a business trip on the horizon I was not going to jeopardize his health so I ran to the store and got some premade goodies and cake. The teenager escorted me hehe See what we ate below.

Here's the recap:

Sunday Celebrations:

Birthday Appetizers:

Birthday Drinky:

My dinner:

My birthday dessert:

Monday Celebrations:
I wanted to start the day off on a good foot so had some coffee with my kiddo and banana pancakes.

Post workout was an apple and pb (unpictured lol)

Lunch was an egg sandwich:

Snack was a coffee and pb honey toast with a little sprinkles (I mean, come on, it is my birthday!) & I once again forgot a picture.

Dinner I wanted to do something super fun because 1) it was my birthday and 2) the hubby was out of town so...if you are a Gilmore Girls Fan, in season 5 I think it is Lorelai and Rory are ready to sit down and they have marshmallows, poptarts, donuts, and candy and are putting in the oven hashbrowns and talk about a pizza stack...well, my kiddo asked if we could do that sometime and I agreed...so, that is just what we did a Gilmore Girls style feast (the likes of which I am sure Lorelai would be proud) and watched Drop Dead Fred:

Who remembers this movie?! The best, right?! Ok, not really oscar material but hilarious for sure!

We started with donuts...

The Entree was a pizza stack and french fries
This was super easy, I just bought a four pack of mini pizzas, cooked them all up, added some extra cheese and stacked them! See below...

Didn't exactly stay stacked but we had fun picking them up and trying to eat the whole thing!

Finally we ended with hot chocolate, cake, and candy.

Needless to say we were tired after this, and slightly sick...we couldn't actually eat all of it...we mostly sampled everything....it was super fun though. The kiddo leaned over several times and said that this was a great idea. I love making memories like that! Also, Drop Dead Fred is one of my all time favorite movies...yeah...don't judge me. :P

Now, I did continue all my workouts this week.
Last Wednesday: Rest Day
Thursday: Cardio Recovery
Friday: Cardio Power and Resistance
Saturday: Plyometric Cardio Circuit and Cardio Abs
Sunday: rode my bike in the rain (not by choice, but I'm counting it lol), did 200 squats, 100 jumping jacks and ran in place off and on to stay warm at cheerleading haha
Monday: (my birthday workout) didn't happen...I have nothing but excuses so I won't list them, but it's on for Tuesday.
Tuesday: Plyometric Cardio Circuit, stretching
Today: Pure cardio, bike ride, cardio abs

What is the best way you've ever celebrated your birthday?

PS check out the rest of the party over at Peas and Crayons!


  1. Happy Birthday! It looks like you really enjoyed yourself! :) Loving the Gilmore Girls shoutout .. SOO obsessed with that show on Netflix right now. <333

  2. Happy Birthday! I love all your eats! Sounds like my kinda birthday...

  3. Aww, happy birthday! What a sweet time making memories with your kiddo!!