Saturday, November 15, 2014

So, this one time I started a blog...

Writing honestly has never really been a passion of mine. I remember in first grade doing a creative writing unit and that was my worst nightmare! I remember sitting in class not having a clue as to what to write. I know I came up with things...mostly ridiculous spellings, but they were words on a paper nonetheless.

As I got older and had to write for assignments I usually enjoyed research, especially in college. I then became an English/Humanities teacher and loved helping teach my students how to research. But, still didn't consider myself a creative writer.

When we moved to Austin, TX I started the blog Travels in Austin and recorded a few of our travels around Austin.

Of course, we then Los Angeles. I didn't have anything more to add to our Austin Travels but have let it stay up because it still gets a few visitors each week lol

Then, upon moving to Los Angeles in 2010 hubby and I decided it was best I stay home with the kiddo as we were now living in a much more fast paced city with people that didn't often share our same moral beliefs and we wanted a constant contact for the kiddo who was racing into teenagehood. Since I wasn't working outside the home any more I knew I wanted to do something to fill my time. But, we then moved to Vancouver.

Upon this move is when I decided to finally create this blog. The original name was Adjusting and Readjusting...I started off with my first post, but after a while I just felt the name didn't fit what I was putting on the blog. So, I renamed it Diary of an Urban Housewife.

I named it this because I don't really have a niche and I wanted to be able to share all aspects of my daily life.

I love sharing everything from my weekly menu, crazy things I am encountering in my travels, the different craft projects I am doing, and the stuff I'm reading.

Blogging is something I have truly become passionate about. I am looking at finding my first blog conference to go to {if you know of any in Europe coming up please let me know} and would like to collaborate with some other European bloggers to do some sort of European City Tour or something neat like that.

So, that is why I blog, to just talk to people and share the things I am doing so people have a point of reference if they are interested in similar things! :)

Do you blog? If so, why?

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