Sunday, November 16, 2014

Menu Plan Monday #61

I am a little bummed is my birthday and my hubbins is out of town. But, that is ok because we celebrated yesterday and today when the kiddo gets home we are going to spend the evening watching Drop Dead Fred and eating a Gilmore Girls style feast!

So, this past week was a BLAST! We went to Video Games live at the Heineken Music Hall, this was the gift I gave hubby for his birthday and he loved it. We went and wore our Mass Effect gear. The leggings were a birthday present to me, they are from Black Milk clothing.

Friday night I had a girls night with some lovely ladies I met through the parent group at the teenager's school. We all come from different backgrounds and have kids of all ages..this gave us so much to talk about which is why we were out until midnight! ;) I met a woman that lives in my building who also loves to craft, I am so excited I have someone close by to hang out with when it gets cold! I wore this super cute Win or Die Game of Thrones Dress from Black Milk Clothing which was one of my other presents from the hubby ;)

How cute is this dress?! I seriously can't wait to wear it again.
Saturday hubby had to work and the kiddo was out with friends so it was just me at home. I did a lot of writing and scheduling of posts and lots of housework and my nails. On instagram Sally Hansen is doing a #nailartnov photo prompt so I did my nails chrome with a zebra print on the ring finger. Hubby loved them!

I settled in Saturday night and finally watched The Book Thief, it was fab! I didn't think I would cry quite so much after reading the book but I was terribly mistaken. Watch for a full review coming soon.

Sunday was of course cheer and my birthday celebration. We had grand plans, but the hubby sadly wasn't up to it. He was so sick, so we decided to stay in. We grabbed some yummy food (which you will see on Wednesday), rented Maleficent and enjoyed the night together. I received two tickets to the ballet so the teenager can dress up and enjoy an evening seeing Cinderella at the National Ballet and Opera.

It was a great weekend spent with great people. We missed the Sinterklaas parade, but the weather was crummy so I'm not too year :)

Now for what you really came here for...

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Breakfast: Banana pancakes with peanut butter and honey. 
Lunch: Chicken salad with balsamic/chicken wrap for the kiddo
Dinner: Gilmore Girls style feast for my birthday: start off with poptarts and donuts, main course will be a pizza stack, edemame (not sure the Lorelai and Rory would eat that but we love it), and fries, dessert will be a selection of candy. We will probably be sick after this, but we'll do our best to consume.

After Monday we will be very good lol
Breakfast: warm fruit bowl with a hard boiled egg
Lunch: Sandwich for the kiddo/eat out with friends as I am going to a lunchtime opera performance
Dinner: Red pepper pasta with salad (never got to this last week)

Breakfast: Eggs, bacon, apple slices
Lunch: Tuna salad/leftovers for the kiddo
Dinner: Honey balsamic chicken tenders with brown rice and sugar snap peas

Breakfast: Smoothies with hard boiled eggs
Lunch: Leftovers
Dinner: Teriyaki beef with fried rice and mixed veggies

Breakfast: Banana pancakes
Lunch: Sandwiches with mixed fruit/salad
Dinner: ham and cheese crescents with peas and orange slices

Breakfast: Omelets with bacon, cheese, veggies, salad on the side
Lunch: leftovers/snacks
Dinner: I have another girls night so I thought I'd have the kiddo and hubby have a little daddy/daughter date night and he can treat her to something special

Breakfast: Cereal or smoothies
Lunch: Snacks: smoked meat, cheese, bread, fruit
Dinner: Wings and pizza of course! These have started to be the best days. 

That is our meal plan for the week. What sort of goodies are you cooking up?


  1. Love that your bday celebration was a Gilmore Girls theme!! That is one of my all time favorite shows! I can't wait until my little lady is old enough to watch it so that I can watch them all again :) Your meal plan looks great, we would love all of it in my house!

  2. Drop Dead Fred was one of my favorite movies as a kid. I need to get it so I can watch it with Kayla!

  3. Happy birthday!! And thanks for linking up!

  4. I love your blog. I'm a housewife too and I adore it! I write and craft as well. I wish you were nearby!

  5. Your menu looks delicious! I love a lot of variety.

  6. Yummy! Chicken salad sound super. I'm a huge fan of salads. :-) Pizza nights are always fun too. They are a fav in our house as well.