Saturday, November 1, 2014

October in Review and November goals

Wow! October was a really busy month. I didn't set any serious goals or anything and I felt very unfocused all month. So here I am to set goals.

First, lets look at October. I participated in the FMSPhotoaday Challenge. It was an alphabet and number challenge...take a look at what I photographed all month:

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To get in the Halloween spirit despite being in a country that does not celebrate Halloween I decorated my table:

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The second weekend of this month we took off to Rome, Italy to meet some friends who were on their honeymoon.

See my packing recap here.

A recap of all the delicious food here....

...and read about the rest of the trip here!

It was such an adventure and are so lucky we can just do a weekend in Rome right now. 

When we got home from Rome my daughter was on Autumn break and we took a trip to Muiderslot...a medieval castle in a nearby town.

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On the last Friday of Autumn break we went to Kermis which used to be more of a religious fair but has turned into just an expensive regular fair but the kiddo and her friend had a blast so it was well worth it! 

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We attended a great fright night type thing at Keukenhof:

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We had a fantastic visit with our friends. Their visit ended like this:
We made omelets, eggs in pepper, and eggs Benedict for the rest of us. We did brioche, cheese, and mimosas. It was amazing...and so much fun to have other people to cook with!

That brought us right up to the last week in October and celebrating Halloween. A few of the other mom's at school had an imporptu Halloween party I attended while the hubby did a little late work. 

I then came home and cooked us a late, yet delicious steak dinner and we watch Ghostbusters and Scream. 

I didn't meet my fitness goals this month, but kept my nutrition mostly in check. This month:
  • Complete Insanity Month 1 +2 days a week do some extra upper body work for maintenance.
  • Add more greens to my diet:
    • add spinach to my egg whites
    • have a salad at lunch each day, but switch it up so they don't get boring
    • use greens powder in post workout smoothie
  • Cut down to one coffee a day
  • One "cheat" meal a my best to avoid the amazing treats that are coming out this time of year.
Get Christmas planned and settled so we can relax in December.

I think that about sums it up...what are your goals for this month?

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