Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I'm baaaaaaaaaack! WIAW +my week in workouts!

Well Hello! It has been about three weeks, maybe four since the last time I posted! Here's why:

Here in Holland my daughter only gets a 6 week summer holiday. I wanted to take that time and truly enjoy it with her and to enjoy the lovely weather we had. I say had because I am convinced all vestiges of summer are gone...we are well into fall-like weather. I do have a ton of posts to come though about all the fun and exciting things we did during our summer holiday. Most people left Amsterdam to vacation other places, but we had so much to see around here we decided to stick around and explore the city. It truly is a gorgeous place to live!

Anyway, I haven't done one of these for quite some time so thought, since today is the first day of school I would take some of the free time I now have and show y'all what I've been eating and what I've been doing for workouts!

Some things I had for breakfast this week:

That cinnamon toast reminds me of a donut. I put a good helping of butter on it, sprinkle it liberally with cinnamon sugar then put it in the oven just until the butter is melted so the bread isn't really toasted, it is gooey and amazing.

Sweet potato apple hash & I threw in some shredded carrot ;)

Examples of lunches:

This was lunch yesterday, 8/19...bbq chicken pizza made on a was delicious!

This was "lunch" last Tuesday when we went back to school shopping. This was at the "largest Starbucks in Europe". It is in an area of town called Rembrandtplein-where there is a giant sculpture recreating the Nights Watch-it is always packed with expats and travels, hardly ever locals.

Homemade chicken nuggets, black bean burgers, and some pumpkin soup, and cranberry juice which may or may not have been spiked with the Ciroc my husband brought me home from his visit to the states ;)

This was one I made while hubby was in London last week as it is one he would NOT have been a fan of! haha it was whole wheat ravioli stuffed with spinach that was cooked in a little tomato puree and some cherry tomato and purple onion! Served with an amazing salad of course!


Dessert a few nights ago: Shakeology date smoothie with a little whipped cream ;)

Delicious cinnamon latte.

Shakeology bowl! It makes sooooooo much! 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup almond milk, scoop of shakeology, 1/2 banana, tablespoon of chia seeds...blend together and top with other half of the banana and a generous spoonful of peanut butter!
Week in Workout
A few weeks ago, back in June or July sometime I watched that video that went viral of that girl on American Ninja Warrior that absolutely kicked butt on that obstacle course, this inspired me to really get my upper body strength up and really get back to being serious about my health. This really started back in May/June, but I have kicked my workouts in to high gear since then. I started running again and then just last week I started P90X2 & PiYo. I am doing doubles each day. I chose these two because I knew they would both work the areas I am weakest in: upper arms and core.

Seriously, I am not sure how long it has been since I worked my transverse abdominal muscles but it must have been a while and I think it is why I was getting such a bad "pooch" in my lower belly. I will say after taking up running again and doing these my abdominal muscles have pulled in a bunch and I can pull myself up 2/3 of the way on our pull up bar!

So, without further ado, this has been my schedule:

Last Thursday 8/14: X2 Total Body, ab ripper, and PiYo lower
So much DNA removal! hahaa
Friday 8/15: X2 Yoga...Skipped PiYo Upper
I woke up so sore Friday morning and I modified all the pull ups in Total body...I could hardly move my upper body...Yoga was painful, but helpful and I modified just about everything. I couldn't imagine doing upper so I skipped it.
Saturday 8/16: X2 Balance and Power and PiYo Drench
This is what it came down to lol I had to put down a towel so I wasn't sliding around on the mat!
Sunday 8/17: Rest was so glorious I literally laid around all day, didn't get out of my PJs and made some easy Taco's for dinner.
Monday: 8/18: X2 Core and PiYo Sweat
Was finally feeling human again and could do an arm hand on my pull up bar.

Tuesday 8/19: Plyocide and Lower Body
Today, Wednesday 8/20: X2 Recovery and Mobility and PiYo Core. I may or may not do recovery & mobility. I like the basis of it with foam rolling and stuff but it doesn't have enough flexibility work for me so I think I will do my own stretching routine where i can really work my splits, and my standing splits. I am also working on my scorpion and a few other more difficult flexibility poses. 

Well, I think that about sums it up for this week! I am so excited for the end of this month, I am determined to be able to do at least one full pull up by August 31st! What have been some of your goals this month?!

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