Thursday, August 28, 2014

Culture Shock #6: Deodorant

So, when moving deodorant was something I never considered having a problem finding...until we were out.

So, I know quite a few people don't use deodorant here...not my thing, but, it is a fact of life. Sometimes being in crowded spaces smells even worse than normal because of this situation. I think I know why now. Deodorant is mostly sold in those aerosol bottles here...and according to the kiddo many kids use it as perfume, yeah like body splash, not as actual deodorizing stuff for the underarms! The students the kiddo attends school with were quite fascinated by her stick deodorant. She was a little freaked out by their questions at first, thinking, uh how sheltered are you people?! Now we know! Most of them grew up here in Europe so I guess they haven't seen anything but what is available...which isn't stick deodorant!

So, as I was saying we ran out of deodorant. Not being the aforementioned people who don't wear deodorant we needed to find some stat. I looked all over and couldn't find any...except at one place...etos. Sadly they don't carry stick deodorant, but the weird roll on kind that was super popular around 50s, 60s, or 70s I'd guess? Not real sure of the actual date, but it has the weird roller ball in the middle...

The pros about this though:

  1. It is Nivea. I've always loved Nivea but the pricing of Nivea products in the US can be insanely expensive. Here though, it seems to be a very popular reasonably priced brand.
  2. It comes in a glass jar.
  3. It smells amazing.
  4. Fairly compact.
  5. I don't have to worry about it drying out and scraping my armpit, like sometimes happens with the sticks I usually purchase.

I will say I wish I had brought more stick deodorant, but only because I love the smell of the degree I usually use. The Nivea I bought for hubby smells divine...seriously I kind of wish I could bathe him in it lol

Have you ever lived somewhere you couldn't get a product you considered fairly normal? How did you cope?

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  1. I actually use both kinds here in the states! I used to have a preference, but here's the thing: if you keep a gym bag or such in your car, you quickly realize that the roller ball kind freezes, and the solid melts. So I use a roller ball in the summer, and a stick in the winter in my "to go" bag! (Definitely prefer the stick kind in my bathroom, though!)