Saturday, August 30, 2014

Goals, goals, goals!

As y'all know I am HUGE on goal setting. I think it is so important to help you focus 

This month is going to be a big month I think! I only have two and a half months to my birthday so I really need to make sure I stay on track so I can reach my health and fitness goals!

August in Review
I didn't do a goal post for August because I was taking a small summer hiatus since summer holiday here was only six weeks long. I did however stick to my workouts 100% and kept my diet really clean.

We started back to school without a hitch and we've been incredibly organized since the beginning which is a miracle! ha!

I did start the Travel the World in Books Reading Challenge. I love challenges like this because they make me think out of the box on books I've been wanting to read but just for some reason don't wind up picking up. If you haven't get make sure you read my reviews of In Too Deep and A Long Way Gone.

I do feel like August was super productive and I accomplished a lot.

September Goals

  • Participate in the Travel the World in Books Read-a-Thon.
    • Complete one full book, Gargoyle,
    • Participate in as many mini-challenges as possible. Especially the book spine poem...I suck as a poet so would love to challenge myself a bit ;)
    • Add my reads to my book map
    • P.S. If you are on Goodreads and want to follow my progress in the challenge there feel free to do so!  
  • Keep up my doubles of P90X2 and PiYo. 
  • Meal plan and prep so eating healthy stays easy.
  • Publish some posts I've been sitting on for a while.
  • Make sure hubby and I have at least one date night a week. We haven't been awesome about our date nights since we moved to Europe so I want to make sure we get back to those!
I think this is going to be another solid productive month. What goals are you setting for the month ahead?


  1. I'm hopping over to cheer your Travel the World in Books goals -- but your other goals look great, too! Have a great month!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! I wasn't sure if I should incorporate them together, but I didn't want to do two separate posts for fear of "junking" up my feed lol I am so excited for the RAT should be a ton of fun!

  2. Hope to see you around for the Travel the World adventure!

  3. It's nice how you've integrated your reading goals into general life goals. I need to do more meal planning like yours--and not just what I'm going to read while I eat! :D

    1. Thank you! I try to keep a good balance in life and if I don't plan I will wind up wasting a day on the internet entirely and eating Nutella! Seriously. :P

  4. I love the monthly goals! I need to incorporate this into my life, I have a LOT of goals, but it might be good to break them up! One of my goals is to start the Piyo program! I have it, I just need to start...I am getting there :)