Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mostly my week in review of workouts, but a little WIAW

So, this last week I've been pretty busy with school starting back up and job hunting. So, I've been not so great at the taking pictures of what I ate thing...but, ya know, I managed to pull a few things out of my photos.

First though I want to talk about my workouts. Things have been going amazing so far! I am on week three of a P90X2/PIYO doubles schedule I made up for myself. It is wicked intense and I had to seriously up my protein, but it is really paying off. I am seeing sooooooooo many changes! I can do one full pull up many times throughout the day. This is super exciting for me. My goal is by my birthday I want to be able to do five consecutive pull ups (along with seeing my abs).

Wednesday: X2 Recovery and Mobility and PIYO Core
Thursday: X2 total body and upper body
Friday: X2 Yoga
Saturday: X2 Balance and Power, Core
Sunday: Complete rest
Monday: X2 Core and Piyo Upper....I half assed the core I'll be honest. I wasn't feeling well and toward the end I just felt like I couldn't do any more so I skipped through 2-3 exercises. *sigh*
Tuesday: Plyocide and Piyo Buns...excellent day...totally made up for yesterday and now my lower abs are on fire.
Today: Piyo core and a bike ride. I will try and fit in the recovery and mobility DVD if I can't though I will at least foam roll at some point.
After this week I am convinced I love breakfast. It is my favorite meal because that is what I have the most pictures of....
Mmmm coffee!!!

I have a high schooler now. For the first day I made this amazing french toast casserole...recipe will be coming soon!

Mmmm...banana's, blueberries, and peanut butter...breakfast of champions!

I actually fixed this for the kiddo for lunch a few days ago...the wrap was sweet potato hash, half an apple and some cherry tomatoes.

This was from when we went back to school shopping. It was a delicious lunch to keep us fueled for the insane day that laid ahead of us.

So, that is pretty much it for this week's What I Ate Wednesday! Hopefully next week will be full of more fun, interesting eats! 

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