Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Travel the World in Books: In Too Deep (Due South Book #1) Review

These last few days, well the last week or two really, have had fall sweeping in here in Amsterdam. We have had a ton of rain, heck, even the leaves are beginning to turn!

It was a fantastic day for running errands! Not cold, but not warm....and just a wee bit of rain to mix the whole walking thing up. Not enough to make it miserable, but ya know, enough to make you feel like your in a movie and can enjoy the rain.

On my walk home I took a bit of a different route because I realized this may be a quicker walk. All in all, I think it will be but I was stunned by the colour of the trees! I know the weather is cooler but I could not believe the colours I was seeing out there!

So, this weather has us turning to more indoor activities. Ok, so mostly reading and video games. But, since I started the Travel the World in Books reading challenge a few weeks back, I've been reading a bit  more than usual.  That is why when I got the chance to review In Too Deep, Due South Book One, I was totally ecstatic! Not only did it take place some where I have never been, but dream of going, it is also within my favorite genre!

I will be honest I didn't have high expectations for the book. The cover is pretty cheesy and the title is just one giant innuendo. I love cheesy, innuendo filled books, but they usually aren't the kinds that you admit you read. I can't promise this book isn't like that, but it at least has a strong, smart main character.

It starts off telling a bit about the main character, Piper, and her career. She is a police officer who is part of a dive squad. The dive part is a part time gig, but she gets assigned dives as needed. She has a hard time with these, but not for the reason I initially assumed....which, was one of the finer points of the book.

Fast forward a chapter or two and she takes a trip to her home town where she see's the man she left the island because of....these are people who are supposed to be in their 30's so when the banter between them turned venomous I almost put the book down thinking geez, really, these people are 30-something I think she can think of more mature behavior for her characters....but, I am glad I stayed because the very next chapter it starts the story a bit from his end! Not from the total beginning, but from the moment she arrived....I love that when an author tells a story from multiple perspectives.

If I continue on I will give too much away, but the book is worth a read. It is engaging, keeps you guessing, and my favorite part-when I'd think I knew exactly where the story was headed, she would veer off in another direction and that is what keeps me engaged as a reader!

Cheesy, romantic, and yet exciting, can't ask for much more from a book! Plus, the kiwi slang is super fun. ;)

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  1. So I had to google it because I didn't know where Stewart Island was located. Called the Island of Tranquility, the photos are stunning, I see why you'd like to go! Sometimes you need a cheesy romantic book especially after reading something as powerful and thought provoking as A Long Way Home. Thanks for pinning and great job knocking one off for the challenge!

    1. Thanks, girl! It was a super fun read. I just finished my review of A Long Way Gone, it is scheduled for Friday. It really made me think so I wanted to ensure the review reflected that.