Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday-Paris eats +workout recap

As soon as we got off the train this was the first thing we saw...it was amazing!

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you know my family and I just got back from Paris. The trip wasn't without its challenges, but overall it wound up being one of the best weekends I could possibly have asked for, for my "dream vacation" trip. Now, since we were there for a full weekend you know we HAD to eat! So,...here's a collection of what we ate...

Day 1

On the Thalys Train on the way there they had decaffeinated coffee!!! I was so thrilled! I don't ingest much caffeine (just what comes naturally in the very dark chocolate I eat) so this was so nice for me!

Here is where we were *supposed* to get lunch at the Eiffel Tower after checking into our hotel but after learning we couldn't actually stay in that hotel due to capacity issues (not the hotels fault our fault but that is another post) and running around all over the city and having the awesome people at Novotel go out of their way to help us we wound up at this super awesome pub, the only one in the area we saw showing the US/Germany soccer match. So, we chilled and enjoyed some amazing food!

I forgot to take a picture of it but the Mojito here is amazing. Minty & refreshing...just what I needed!

This was my meal lol Short ribs with a honey teriyaki-ish glaze...delish & some garlic potatoes.

Thsi was the kiddo's: onions & ham. She loved it.

The husbands: bacon, ham, sausage...those sausage pieces were amazing!

The next morning after a great night's sleep we went back over to our original hotel to get checked in & went to a brasserie nearby for a quick breafast....

The cream came in the cutest little bottle...I loved it & the coffee was delicious of course!

....and what else do you have for breakfast in Paris but a croissant of course!
It was so buttery and soft...best croissant I've ever had (of course it was probably the freshest lol)

After this we immediately went off to the Louvre so we could get in a full day of art! After spending a morning wading our way through tourists to see Cupid, Hermes, the Mona Lisa, and several other amazing works we were famished before we could move on to Napoleon's Apartment. So, we decided on Le Cafe Grand Louvre for lunch. I was so glad we did, it was fantastic!

Mushroom risotto with side salad.

Post lunch coffee (they also had decaffinated!) and I love how in Europe all coffee's come with either a chocolate or a biscuit! But, I promptly put that in my purse for later because I could not resist this chocolate cake...

...and I was glad I didn't. I twas soft, moist, and had ginormous chocolate chunks all throughout it!

I mean, look at that!!!! Just look!!! It was amazing. I dream about that cake.

After the Louvre we had a nice walk through the Tuileries Gardens, then on to the Champs Elysee and to the Arc de Triomph. It was in this area we took a cab over to Notre Dame & made it just before mass started. After that we walked around quite a bit and found a great little bistro for dinner....

I don't usually get bacon burgers but this was their "special" of the day & it was bacon with emmental cheese! Ooh boy was it amazing! I did take the bun off though as I really wanted to eat the whole thing lol

I could decide on dessert & then discovered they had a trio of dessert with a coffee! The creme brulee was the best of all the desserts.

This was the kiddos dessert! I took a bite, it was really good. A nice creamy mousse.

This was a the bigger version of the creme brulee...hubby loved it and ate every last bite!

The next morning, our last full day in Paris was a gloomy icky day...so we dressed up really nice & rode over to the Opera House (gorgeous by the way) and then did a ton of shopping on Les Grande Boulevard Haussman. We had brunch at a cute bistro near the shopping area:

This was the husbands omelette and fries. He really enjoyed it. Said it was super delicious.

I got the Croque Madame. It is basically a ham & cheese toasty with a sunny side up egg. Here they make toasties differently and they put a ton of cheese on the top! Some places also put cheese in the middle, but most do just a ton on top...they are amazing.

It was 3 layers...3!!!! With all that gooey emmental cheese on top! Heaven!!!!! I didn't eat my fries & I didn't finish this entire thing, but it was so delish. I loved it!

We then had to burn this off with more shopping, after a while though we of course got tired again & needed to find a place to rest our feets....

Delicious coffee and creme with a chocolate covered almond.

Hubby had a banana split. It was a true banana split too with strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla locally made ice cream and tons of whipped cream and of course chocolate sauce & a banana.

Sadly our dinner that night was nothing to write home about. We had a bit of a communication error and I wound up with raw salmon...I sent it back & they steamed it but it had no seasoning or anything it was pretty awful lol but, I can't really complain since everything else was so amazing.

Now that we are back here is a small collage of what I've been eating:
Coconut Quinoa Patties (recipe coming soon), a veggie sandwich with grapes,a veggie wrap with an apple, and a taco salad! So delicious....

This last week I've actually been forgetting to record my workouts, but they look something like this:
6/25: 30 days of yoga days 28, 29, & 30
6/26: Day off-left for Paris & did a bunch of walking
6/27: Day off-in Paris probably walked a solid 10 miles was so sore the next morning!
6/28-Day off-again, probably walked a solid 10 miles again...we were so, so, so sore after this!
6/29-Came home from Paris did tons of walking with heavy groceries for the week
6/30-Insanity Fit Test-did a pretty darn good job...I think I'm pretty much where I left off....WOOHOO!
7/1-30 minute run....my tendons are still so sore from all the walking we did this run really sucked but I was glad I did it!

So, I think on this trip the best thing I ate was the chocolate cake from the Louvre by far. It was the best take on a chocolate cake I'd had in a very long time. What is the best thing you've ever eaten on a vacation?


  1. Yum, all these eats look superb! Sorry about the salmon, that's so not cool!

    1. I know & Salmon is usually one of my favorite things to get when I am out too because I don't typically cook it at home! Oh well, everything else was amazing! haha

  2. Everything looks amazing! I'm studying abroad this Fall and I will definitely be visiting Paris - I'll have to hit up some of the places you went for all that fabulous food :)

    1. Oh wow! You will love it I am sure! The fall should be a beautiful time to visit Europe I know I am looking forward to it!

  3. Croque Madame and Pomme Frites... oh, yes. And really good coffee. I haven't been in Paris in years, but I do remember that...

  4. Nothing beats a fresh croissant straight from Paris! All your eats look absolutely delicious!