Thursday, July 3, 2014

Index Card a Day Challenge

In my July goal setting post I mentioned that I wanted to continue with the ICAD challenge I was doing. This is the Index Card a Day Challenge. 

I found it one day while browsing through Instagram and decided it was just what I needed to get my creative juices flowing again!

Boy was I right! I really look forward to this everyday. I've really gotten in to getting up, having my warm lemon water, reading my copy of "f**k it therapy" and then setting to work on my index card.

A common question they say is why index cards? Well, they are cheap and you don't give a crap if you screw one up. ....and trust me I have a few uglies in there! hahaha No, seriously, just wait & see...I have a "galaxy" that looks more like a colorful chocolate chip cookie!

Anyway, I wanted to share a bit of my art with you guys, goes....
(...and don't make fun of me, they definitely aren't perfect lol) 

My cover card:

The prompt was yellow so I colored the card yellow with a marker, threw on two different yellow washi tapes & a cute hello in yellow I cut out from some scrapbook paper.

This one is my name, thought it appropriate I should be waving over it ;)

The prompt was I covered the card in washi tape & did a triangle with the all seeing eye to make it more prism-ish lol

Now...what you have all been waiting for...the cookie galaxy! haha It is pretty terrible...I need to work on yes, there will be more galaxy attempts.

I loved drawing the puzzle one, I think this is one of my faves...

These next two were done in honor of our 15th wedding anniversary:

Next up, since we were going to Paris and this was a total dream come true for me: 

I love this one..I based the idea off of an art project I did in high school:

Next was inspired by a watercolor bookmark I saw on Pinterest. However, I don't have watercolors right now so I used a fine liner to draw the design on and then colored it in lightly with colored pencil:
I think this is my 2nd favorite one.

Here is my crazy ass mandala...I am going to keep working on these too:
Not completely horrendous, but not great either...any tips for drawing mandalas?

I am really jonesing for a beach, can ya tell???
In high school I created the swirly sun & perfected my wave drawing, I just incorporated that over here. My "sign" when I would sign all my notes to my friends would be the swirly sun with the waves over it. Oh yes, I was incredibly artistic haha Any of my high school friends reading that remember that?!

The prompt was circus tent...I've actually only been to the circus once in my life that I remember so this is what I came up with. I hate it. lol

I was feeling just a little "weird" the day I cam up with this one. It was cloudy and crappy out and I couldn't focus on anything to save my life so ya know, I drew a rainbow....and labeled it just in case you couldn't tell what it was lol (ok, so maybe the wine was involved in the labeling)
Last but not least...a little chevron blue daba de daba die...your welcome :) ('cause you know you will have that song stuck in your head now)

All-in-all this has been a fantastic challenge to participate in and has been just the kick in the tush I needed to get my creative juices flowing again! I love that I can just sort of doodle whatever comes to mind or if I need some inspiration there are tons and tons of prompts to sift through over at Daisy Yellow! 

What do you do when you are stuck in a creative rut?