Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Travel the World in Books Challenge

This is like a "choose your own adventure" challenge. You remember those books...and if you are reading this and don't...I don't care how old or how young you are go check one out those were pretty fab. I'd read them all, all the way through then again & again until I'd read nearly every combination of possible stories in the book. Amazing entertainment.

So, basically we get to set our own goals for this challenge and decide how we want to complete it.

Length of time: 1 Year

Which Countries I Will Visit: Yet to be determined. I am going for 2-3 books per month so I am hoping to hit a number of countries; ideally, I would like to make sure I read at least one book from each and every continent. 

How I Will Track Where I've Traveled:
I put a bit of thought into this because obviously I want to keep track of this, I decided the best way would be Pinterest! That way I can link to the book & write a review, plus with the new-ish handy dandy map feature Pinterest has I can mark on the map where the book is located! Pretty awesome! So, come follow my board so you can keep up with where I've been! 

Book List:
I'm choosing from fiction and non-fiction. These are the books I will start out with, if any of you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments. 
I've had this on my list to read for years...I can't wait to dive in!

This is supposed to take place in Iceland...interesting.

I've been wanting to read this one for a really long time. I can't wait to dive in to it!

A friend of mine just finished this....she said it was an interesting take reading it as an I am very excited about this.

This is one set in older here I can't wait to read a bit of historical fiction, it is my favorite genre!

A friend suggested I read this...I can't tell the exact setting, but I think the insight into the human brain at least will be great!

Please, please, please leave me suggestions for books with interesting settings. I am looking for good books in the Middle East, Asia, as well as Antartica, South America, and Mexico. 

This is proving to be a great challenge, I can't wait to get started!


  1. The only book I can suggest is Outlander by Diana Gabaldon! It is set in Scotland. It is historical fiction and time travel! It is my favorite series!

    1. Thanks! I will check that one out! I love time travel too so fun!

  2. Yay, so glad you are joining our challenge. Sarah's key is emotional but so powerful. The Gargoyle, the House on Paradise Street and Tulip Fever all sound good to me! Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See is a favorite historical fiction set in China (i just picked up another historival fiction by Lisa See today called Peony in Love). A favorite historical fiction in India was Under the Jeweled Sky by Alison McQueen. I reviewedboth of them on my blog. I love the Pinterest map idea. I might have to do that instead of a google map. I am thinking tooof setting up a group pinterest board so we can all pin our book reviews there.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Tanya! I am so excited. I've watched the Sarah's key movie and learned it was a book after so taking this time to read it. Thank you for the recommendations writing those down on my list so I can read them all. A group board would be great that way we have one central place to go to see all the books. I thought about doing a google map like you but then remembered Pinterest was doing maps now & thought that way the map would be in one spot as well as my book reviews! Two birds, one stone! haha

    2. I am in the process of inviting participants to the Travel the World in Books reading challenge pinterest board and made a pin map so we can share reviews and goal posts. I am having trouble inviting you but maybe you can send a request to join my board. :)

  3. You've got an awesome starting list. I think I will put both A Long Way Down and Sarah's Key on my own TBR. I've got my Google Map working and have linked up some of my old reads. I hope you can come by and check it out :)