Monday, June 30, 2014

July Goal Planning

Wow, what a year it has been so far! I never thought when we started 2014 within 5 months I'd be living on an entirely different continent!! So, my goals from way back in January have gone a little amiss. But, never fear there is always time to get back on track..I just need to adjust a this is what I'm doing:

Health & Fitness:

  • Get in more greens:
    • One green smoothie per day
    • One salad per day
  • Complete Young & Raw 3-day high raw cleanse
  • No processed sugar and very limited amounts of local honey
  • Follow workout calendar
  • Continue Oil Pulling and Flossing
  • Get cleaning schedule sorted our for new apartment
  • Mail off change of address cards
  • Learn one  new cooking skill
  • Start working toward finding a great job outside the home
  • Read 3 books in around the world in books challenge
  • Continue with ICAD Challenge (more on this coming)
  • Start gathering Christmas gifts and prepping to mail off (given we live in the Netherlands & I have some super cute gift ideas for nieces & nephews & shipping is expensive need to get this done now)
  • Plan a few field trips around The Netherlands for Summer Vacation (anyone have anything that is a must see for the kiddo & I?)
  • Decide which countries we want to see next, begin making itineraries & travel arrangements
So, I have just a few things on my plate for this upcoming month...can't wait to get things started! I love achieving things I set out to do, it makes me feel so accomplished. What are you working on for the month ahead? Come on over to FB  and let's discuss!

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