Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday +week in review of workouts!

I have a confession. I love food. All kinds of food, but good quality food especially. Loading up on good healthy food excites me, especially with the workouts I do it is essential. 

Last week I mostly fueled myself with garbage mostly. But, this week I have redeemed myself. 

Homemade fruit, yogurt & granola parfaits made all fancy like in wine glasses.
Broccoli & egg hash.
Wednesday Treat: Vanilla Latte & chocolate covered graham crackers
Roast with mushrooms & onions, broccoli, and sweet potato fries.

I am on a major broccoli kick lately...must be lacking iron or something...

This was my favorite meal of the week! It is 21 day sugar detox friendly. Look at the stems on that broccoli! Yum, yum!

Salad bar I chopped up for the week! This has been amazing in me getting in at least one salad a day!

P90X3 Update....

Now, on to the workouts! Last week was transition week in my P90X3 journey. This is the 2nd transition week, the one before the final block.

Wednesday: Accelerator

Thursday: Pilates X

Friday: CVX

Saturday: X3 Yoga

Sunday: Nap
I was really tired after this transition week. My whole body felt the work. I am definitely seeing a major difference in my abs...60 day pics to come next Wednesday.
Monday: Decelerator
Tuesday: MMX
I really struggled through this one yesterday. I was sweating bullets. Normally MMX is an easy one for me but I must have been giving it my all because I was sweating a lot and I can really feel it in my obliques.

Today: Eccentric lower
I woke up super sore today. My glutes, arms, and back are really feeling this week! Can't believe I am in the final block of this!


  1. That all look so good! Yum!

    Visiting from WIAW.

  2. so healthy and you look great..thanks for stopping by today!

    1. Thank you! I am working really hard on nutrition, so that is nice to hear ;)

  3. I tend to over eat salad. For some reason, it's not that filling to me so I load up on it. I went to a salad bar to go the other day and it cost me more than the buffet would have. lol (Btw, that was without salad dressing.) What an exercise regiment. I got tired just reading about it. Good luck!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I tend to do that at salad bars too. Iol I love stuff like cottage cheese & fruit on my salad so when I have a huge selection I tend to over do it :-/ Thus, the at home salad bar ;) in the fridge i have shredded chicken and tuna to go over the salad.