Friday, March 7, 2014

Feature Friday #2

These weeks seem to be going by faster and faster these days! I am less than two weeks away from my Hawaii Spring Break trip with my 14 year old to visit my best and oldest friend from childhood! I can't even believe it. I have always wanted to go to Hawaii but to get to share that with  my daughter and my best about a dream come true!

Another exciting thing that happened to me earlier this week is my feature over at The Wednesday Round Up!

Love, Pasta and a Tool Belt

Go on over and check it out! While you are there check out all the other great things that were linked up last week and this week! 

Last week I did my first Feature Friday and I linked up over at a great site called Blogitudes. If you are a blogger and do a weekly wrap up like this head on over and link-up! Otherwise, if you just love to read go check it out and read the other bloggers who link up! 

What I Read

This last week I read some great articles by other bloggers. The first thing I read was this great article from a blogger I have followed for many years. This woman in fact is who {unknowingly} inspired me to start my blog! I loved everything she posts and since it is somewhat from her everyday life I loved reading it so figured I would do the same! Well, the last week in February, I didn't find it until earlier this week though, she had the opportunity to interview a young woman who runs ultra marathons! I am a runner. I truly love running, I love feeling the sun on my face, I enjoy spending time with my girlfriends when I run. I however have no desire to run any longer than 13.1 miles. I am though inspired by those who run marathons, ultra marathons, triathalons, etc. I find it amazing that they have the willpower to make that happen! So, go on over to Creatlive and read the interview with Samantha Gash, ultramarathoner!

The next thing I read that really spoke to me was from The Jenny Evolution. She has written part one of her experience with something called Novasure.  This is a procedure that isn't quite as intense...but with a similar outcome, i.e., no more children, as a hysterectomy-but helps with women who have seriously unbearable menstrual cycles. Go on over and read it, it is a great article documenting her experience. Here is part two.

The final thing I read was a super fun one! It is from Blogitudes herself. She took a writing prompt and wrote a very cute fictional piece called,  The Letter. I've never read a piece of fiction on a blog but it made me smile and let me know that just when you think things are bad, something good always comes out of it. Yeah, yeah, I'm a major sucker for a happy ending! 

What I wrote:

This last week I wrote another piece on my deep cleaning schedule. On the agenda was cleaning my foyer, porch, and laundry room. These are very small areas in our city condo so they are easy to do in one fell swoop! Go on over and check it out! 

Another fun piece is my lamp makeover. This was a cute, easy, fun project! Plus, you can check out one of my pinterest boards. Go follow me if you aren't already, I pin good stuffs. 

My most popular post this week was my What I Ate Wednesday post along with my week in workouts. 

What did you read this week, anything I should check out? Leave me a summary & a link in the comments and I will gladly pop on over and check out any interesting articles.  


  1. Well thank you so much Kate for the great shout outs about Blogitudes! :D I tremendously appreciate it and I also love and appreciate you linking up your Feature Friday in the hop! You've got a great one here - lots of excellent links to check out and I'll be doing that as soon as I finish this comment. :)

    Your vacation in 2 weeks sounds amazing! What a winning combination - a vacation with your daughter, best friend, and Hawaii !!! Wow! I'd be so excited that I wouldn't be able to sit still. I'm sure it's going to be a vacation to remember and then some! :D

    1. You are most welcome, Marcia! I hope the linky takes off! :) It's a fun one! I am so excited about it. My brain is everywhere right now! haha

  2. This blog is awesome!