Sunday, March 2, 2014

March Goal Setting!

Wow, I cannot believe we are in to March already! Wow, wow, wow. I mean really, where is this year going?!

First off, yesterday I celebrated my one year blogiversary!!! This is the very first post I wrote on meal planning! It does not seem like one year has gone by so quickly already! Hard to believe!

At the beginning of the year I was super set on goals. I started out strong in January and mostly kept up with the stuff I wanted to. I flossed almost everyday, my most typical day I would "forget" is on Saturday nights, which is when we usually go out with friends and get in late so that was laziness. I kept it going somewhat through February, but once we got back from the UK I just sort of became unfocused.

The positive is goals are something you can pick back up on anytime, anywhere!

So, I have a few goals set about for March from my post original post:

Focus on Flossing {again}
Focus on clean eating


should help me focus on my clean eating. I just bought those two from our local bookstore. All my meals plans will be based off of them. Should make eating clean and healthy a no-brainer. I am also focused on eating/drinking at least two fermented foods a day. My focus there is kombucha, coconut yogurt, keifer, and organic pickles. 

Complete my TESOL certification for tutoring English Language Learners. I am almost through the program so it should be easy, I just need to focus and spend a few hours on it everyday.  

My final goal is to get pictures of some projects I have done and post them to my Etsy shop so I can finally get that store up and running. 

How are your goals coming along that you set at the beginning of the year? What specific goals do you have for this month to work toward those beginning of year goals?!


  1. Those books look great! I have bad yeast issues and need to detox again. Good luck on your goals!

    1. The books are amazing! I am writing a review for The Fresh 20...that book is the best cook book I've owned I think lol I can't wait to share it with y'all!