Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Organization: Weekly Deep Cleaning: Living Room and Dining Room

It is yet another week on the schedule. We have been getting signs of spring though so it is making the cleaning much, much easier. Last week I was in the entry, laundry room and porch; this week I am working in my living room and dining room. I do these two rooms together because we have an open concept house which means our living room and dining room are just one big space pretty much, as I think most homes are this day in age. 

So, here is what the schedule looks like on my iPad:

Here is what I have:
  • Move furniture and sweep/mop or vacuum. Use the attachment or long duster (aka broom) if need be to get up all the bunnies. If carpeted, steam clean if need be. 
  • Vacuum couch & cushions & dining room chairs.
  • Wash blankets and fluff pillows.
  • Dust ceiling corners
    • Using broom wrapped with a microfiber cloth secured around it with a rubber band get cobwebs and dust being careful of the sprinklers.
  • Dust baseboards & wipe down with a rag.
    • If scuffed use peroxide to get them up, if chipped fill in holes with paint.
  • Dust window sills & wipe down with a rag.
    • If scuffed use peroxide to get them up, if chipped fill in holes with paint.
  • Remove all books from book shelves, thoroughly dust shelves and place books back in an orderly manner.
    • Go through & tossing (or upcycling) any that are outdated or unwanted. I know for some of you this is a travesty, but believe it or not if our kid is 14 we may not want Hop on Pop up there any more. ;)
    • After placing books back on shelves replace any holiday decorations that may have passed and we just didn't get them put away.
    • If there is any paperwork that got placed here "to be filed" file it now.
This system seems to work and keep things in order. Believe it or not these items each only take 15 minutes or less to complete. They are so simple and keep the house so neat and tidy, plus my holiday decor us usually fairly up to date with this system. ;) Anyone else a chronic "ooops why is this bunny from spring still here in ...August?!"

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  1. Not long ago I wash my living room walls down but spent my day out in yard.

    Coffee is on

    1. Nice, a day out in the yard is always fantastic!

  2. While I don't love the actual act of cleaning, I do love the end result. This is a great list. I'd probably wash the walls along with dusting and cleaning any pictures hanging on them. Then again, I have cats so their fur seems to end up everywhere.

    I'm digging your use of the iPad and especially all the itemized lists. Lists have a special place in my heart. Organization too. Makes me feel all warm and cozy.

    1. I am with you, I despise cleaning so I have to keep it in manageable tasks. I don't add dust frames & stuff because I do that during my weekly power hour when I do my weekly dusting. I am very sensitive to dust so have to keep those suckers wiped down lol but if you have a lot of big frames, I would definitely add those on there.

      I am really enjoying the use of the itemized lists. I have found that having the reminders ding for me gets me to get all this stuff done. For years I fumbled around with a hard copy household notebook, but I'd often forget to check it and always said, "I wish I had a device that I could put this stuff in to that would ding to remind me" well, duh! Thank you, Apple! hehe

      I am glad to meet someone that loves lists as much as I do...I am a list junkie! I have a little notebook I keep in my purse with lists of books to read, songs to download, and stuff like that hehee

  3. You are so wonderfully organized, Kate. I'm hoping to win the lottery and hire a maid so I can drink my ice tea and read a good book while he or she cleans. That's my plan. :)

    1. Aww, thank you, Jennifer! My dirty little secret...I am holding out for the lottery too...then one day we can meet for a book club & watch the maids ;) haha

  4. I downloaded a very similar app for my Android phone (because I can rarely find my iPad lol). I wish I could say it's as helpful! My problem is I'll just ignore the dings because, damnit, I want to play Minecraft or I'm still busy making something.

    Know what I need? A maid. Definitely a maid. Is there an app for that?

  5. Hey there,Begin with the mop and dirt for cobwebs and dirt in all the high places on the ceiling and walls.You can utilize the whisk as is, or place a cloth on it.You can edify a muslin or woolen bag with a resilient edge that capacitates right over it.When you are accomplished it's simply tossed in the wash.Have a good day.

    @Sara Stevens.