Tuesday, May 19, 2015

What I Ate In Berlin

During the kiddo's May Vacation we were in Berlin for three nights...we had a wonderful time and really tried to find some fun places to eat.

So, I want to share that with you today...

The first day we flew in and immediately went to a more local area of town and found some dinner we started with wine for me and bread. The kiddo of course had a cola. 

I had a veggie bake with feta cheese.

The kiddo had a broccoli and potato au gratin with mozzarella.

The restaurant was really cute...and the service was great! It was called Havana Club.

Saw this in the restaurant, thinking of making something similar but with the cities we've lived.

We walked around quite a bit more and this was the area of town where the East Side Gallery is located. Come back for more on that tomorrow. 

Once we returned to our hotel we sat in the bar and enjoy hot cocoa and Irish coffee....I forgot to take a photo.

The next morning we got up early to get an early start. We found a cute little cafe to have breakfast at....

I forget the name, but the service wasn't spectacular and they only took cash. The croissant was amazing...my biggest complain was the butter had been refrigerated so it was too hard. Otherwise delicious!

After that we moved on to some sight seeing and after going to the German History Museum (more on that tomorrow) we crossed a bridge and found a great Italian place with a table right on the Spree River!

The teenager felt it was hilarious how my wine, same price as her coke was so much larger! 

We both had this pomodoro with extra cheese. So yummy! Only complaint I have was when I went to pay with my card they said their card reader wasn't working. I was pretty upset because I had to go fine an ATM to get cash out. Later after talking to a server here in Amsterdam that was from Germany he said never give in and go get cash, if I would have just said it is my only payment method I won't get cash they would have found a working machine. I'd wished I'd have thought of that because it was a huge hassle to find a bank machine.

After that we walked around quite a bit more and as we got tired we decided a snack was in order at Faussbender and Rausch.

The view, nothing spectacular...loved the flags on the otherside.

The inside...it was really nice. But this place is definitely only useful for dessert. Their menu is not very large and the food wasn't really appealing. The table of late 20-something's next to us felt the same way, they were very disappointed.

Our drinks finally came I had one with rum, the kids had one with ice cream!

They each came with these amazing solid chocolate pieces!

We wandered around quite a bit more picking up souvenirs and post cards, we were a little peckish by 8 but didn't want to spend a ton a sit down meal so we opted for McDonalds which had a great outdoor balcony! We got this chicken box with chicken wings and nuggets. Was really good surprisingly. Was a nice treat!

Once we got back to the hotel we munch on one or two of our chocolates we bought. 

The next morning we knew we had a lot of ground to cover so we were up at 7 and out the door by 8. We went to a chain of coffee shops called Einstein Cafe.

The kid got the most epic Apple Tart. I will give you this one important travel tip: if you are in Europe, get and Apple tart with vanillaijs. You'll thank me, then once you leave Europe you'll hate me because you will always crave it. You're welcome.

After this we headed to the Topography of Terror and the Holocaust Monument. We then circled around for some curry wurst.

Absolutely delicious! When in Germany make sure you try it!

After the curry wurst we walked-A LOT! I mean-a LOT! We walked the hour round trip to the Victory Column and back. At this point it was beginning to rain so we ducked in to the Berlin Mall. We decided to grab a snack at another of those Einstein's Cafe. The cake was amazing, he white layer was cream cheese! So yum!

After the cake we went to rest in the hotel for a while and decided to take another very, very long walk to Museum Island for some dinner. It was really the only area with places open past six with a nice selection.

I had wine the kiddo had a great mock-tail with pineapple, grenadine, and cream. It was tasty!

We each had spaghetti of some sort.

On the walk home a storm blew in and we got soaked! The kiddo was super sweet and lent me her jacket so my leather one didn't get soaked and ruined. We laughed about it and enjoyed the walk despite the rain, thank goodness it was warm out!

After showering we decided we wanted to go down to the bar for some dessert and drinks.

The cake we got was just like the cake we had at the Louvre last year only fudged instead of chocolate chunks. Most German cream is terrible though, they don't sweeten it! I think that is because it is meant to be eaten with the sweet food, but I prefer to eat it alone. 

The drinks were super tasty though. The kiddos was similar to what she had pineapple juice and grenadine. But not cream this time. Mine was an Irish coffee-of course!

The next morning it was finally our day to leave. We walked to the station from our hotel, it was only about 30 minutes and we were able to see most of the sights again :)

The Dunkin Donuts chain is also in Germany so we loaded up on coffee and half a dozen donuts for breakfast/to bring home to the hubby.

We each only ate once since we knew we were going to be sitting for 6 hours and wouldn't be able to burn it off.

Before we left the station we picked up some food for lunch and some mindless snacking ;) because every good road trip needs that!

We each got these amazing Asiago pretzels. I picked up a wine spritzer.

For our mindless snacking we got Haribos Gummy Bears-because ya know, Germany! :)

We had a wonderful time and some wonderful eats. A little too much sugar, but that's ok, we make concessions for vacation. We've already gone back to our normal dietary habits. 

Travel tips:
Carry a water bottle, we drank at least two of those a day, each. But, this being Germany, much like the Netherlands make sure you have lots of 50 cent pieces on you to use the bathroom! 

Carry cash. We came upon a lot of legitimate places-food and souvenir-that only took cash. But be careful because pick pockets are everywhere!

If you lost don't be afraid to ask a police officer for directions. If you have a city map that is even better. The officer we asked directions from didn't speak excellent English, but he got us where we needed to go. There is a high police presence in the tourist area so don't be afraid to ask them for help if you need it, they were very friendly. 

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  1. Wow! You've made me miss Berlin so much- I remember going to DD there (for Internet lol!) but then their Xmas markets!

    Thanks for the memories and for linking up! :)

  2. Pastries in Europe are delicious. They know how to bake!!! :)