Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Currently, Vol. 8, plus Weekly Menu #18

The last week and a half have been super busy and incredibly draining. Hoping to get back to some sort of routine today. Vacation always throws me off a bit, I need to figure out how to jump right back into my routine...maybe I need more checklists! ha!

Anyway, let me tell you what is happening currently in our little neck of the woods...

Supporting....fantastic small businesses like this antique china shop...I'm not sure if it is called The Golden Bend or if it is in The Golden Bend...either way there is a gold bike and it says "The Golden Bend" so I'm going for that.

Yes, everything was on the floor...the stuff you see in Europe!
Also supporting my best friend who is going through the best of toddler-hood!

If I could, I really would help her with this! haha
Crafting....these cute mosaic type sheets that I will frame and put up in my Etsy shop.

Relaxing...have taken a few walks through the park across the street from our house this past week. Really enjoying the last of the flowers that are blooming and am enjoying seeing the trees come to life.

Exploring...the Jordaan. My friend and I went for a photography walk through her neighbourhood yesterday and we had such a great time. One thing we are trying to do is take more photos of one another. She is much better at it than me, I get a bit of sensory overload trying to see everything and often forget to take photos of her! I will remember for next time.

Quote of the Day...after a great day yesterday, for some reason my mood turned sour...just got grumpy for some reason so trying to remember that even though I got grumpy the whole day wasn't a loss!

Goals this week

  • Get a few crafts done
  • Get some of our older clothes we are clearing out up on the local board and sold
  • Complete all workouts

Sunday: Rest
Monday: Wound up resting, took long walk through the Jordaan, but I was very tired.
Tuesday: P90X2 Yoga
Wednesday: T25 Cardio, P90X3 Agility
Thursday: Long bike ride through Museumplein/Vondelpark; P90X3 Yoga/T25 Stretch
Friday: 2 mile run, strength work on the stairs
Saturday: 2.5 mile run, P90X3 Yoga, T25 Stretch

  • Sunday: Granola
  • Monday: Scrambled Eggs and Milk/coffee
  • Tuesday: Egg, chicken, and cheese sweet chili wrap 
  • Wednesday: Berry protein oatmeal (we only use natural protein so it will have PB and egg whites, new recipe I am trying...)
  • Thursday: Egg, chicken, and cheese sweet chili wrap
  • Friday: Acai Bowl
  • Saturday: Omelettes with toast and strawberries with whipped cream
  • Sunday: Scrambled eggs with cheese, light since we are going to a food festival
  • Monday: Caprese toastie's with chicken
  • Tuesday: Leftovers
  • Wednesday: Peanut butter and jelly with fruit smoothie
  • Thursday: Ladies lunch
  • Friday: Boiled eggs, cheese, bread and butter, blueberries, and nuts (picnic style)
  • Saturday: We will just snack: smoked meats, boiled eggs, fruit, and nuts
Notes about lunches: everyday hubby takes a variation on the same thing: boiled eggs, cheese, lunch meat, and maybe a small dessert. The kiddo with her new schedule gets out pretty early most days so instead of burdening herself with a million things to take she just takes a small snack and then eats a light late lunch at home. Not ideal, but it is what she prefers and makes it easier on me because then I can just make one nice big lunch and not have to worry about everything getting put together the night before.

  • Sunday: Rolling Kitchens food festival...it was awesome!
  • Monday: Lemon Parmesan Broccoli Pasta
  • Tuesday: BBQ Chicken Breasts with mashed cauliflower and brown rice
  • Wednesday: Stuffed squash with honeyed carrots and leftover brown rice
  • Thursday: Fried rice with whatever leftover veggies are in there
  • Friday: Grilled steaks with french fries/veggie fries and corn/squash
  • Saturday: Fried chicken wings, french fries
This week has been quite a strange week. We are really looking forward to being back on a schedule. We are now at the 6 week countdown for school to be over. Really looking forward to summer! How about you, what are you up to this week?

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