Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Berlin Bears and a bit of extra Wall art

When we go to different cities many times we see that there is a unique flair for some sort of art. It becomes a common piece and many times they are just temporary art installations for charity to be auctioned off later, but sometimes they are permanent installation taken care of by the community.

Which, just happens to be the case for the Berlin Bears.

According to Buddy Baer Berlin this started in 2001 inspired by something going on in Zurich and New York. The bear is iconic to Berlin as it stands in the middle of the city's flag. As you can see below on the white and red flag...

At the time more than 100 bears were created, I don't know how many still stand today, but I am going to show you the ones we managed to capture!

Actually not at the train station or an airport, but some random souvenir shop in the middle of the city!

Not an art installation but a bear with a wiener has to be shared more than once!

Our favorite bear of course! If you visit ask to make sure you can take a photo first...this is inside the U.S. Consulate building. As many of you may or may not know you can't take anything electronic in to the Consulate buildings, anywhere in the world, that includes cell phones. If you are sweet and no one is in the lobby {like what happened when I asked} the guards outside the building will tell you "off course!" {and yes it is said like that by Germans and Dutch alike and I love it}.

I wonder how hard this artist thought about the placement of this design?! haha

Also, as we wandered we noticed there were free standing pieces of the old wall with some art on them, thought I would share those with you as well.

There was actually a lot more of this sort of thing, but they were heavily populated by all the schools visiting Berlin at this time. These are the sort of unique things I love seeing around a city. 

Does your city have any cool art installations like this? If not, has it in the past? 

When traveling have you seen any unique and fun art installations?

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  1. Traveling is so much fun. It's great to explore some history or what makes the area unique.