Monday, May 25, 2015

Currently, Vol. 9

Hello! Welcome to this week's currently! I am loving this link up with Becky over at Choose Happy, I feel like it gives me a chance to tell you what has been going on over the weekend and connect with other bloggers in a way we normally don't get to!

So, I am currently... is Memorial Day in my home country, so today of course I am remembering all those who have died for my country, they paid the ultimate price for and that shall never be forgotten.

From Babble

Making....I've been working on some cards, they turned out really cute. Hoping to get them matched up to some envelopes, get some photos taken, and put them up in my Etsy shop this week. Will be my first "product" so we will see how it goes!

Enjoying...all the sweet babies  being born in the park near our house. I think these will be the end of it, but they looked pretty new...the teenager and I had so much fun just watching them waddle around.

Ordering....this new body scrub from Frank Bod. It is the same as our regular facewash but we've heard amazing reviews about it, plus since they are UK based we get free shipping for us Europeans so can't wait for it to get here later this week!

Thankful for...having a teenager that loves to go on evening walks or bike rides with me and will enjoy the little things...

Quote of the day...Unstoppable! I found this last week when I was having a rough week. Nothing too dramatic just feeling hormonal, a bit of anxiety because ya know-woman here-plus just tiny bouts of bad news made some of the week sucktastic. But, thankfully I have great friends and an awesome hubby and kiddo to cheer me up, got me out of the house, and totally turned the week around, like T-Rex here :D

Tell me, what are you up to currently?

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