Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Fit Tutor +New Workout Schedule for February

Last month after going hard core on my workouts with Asylum Vol. 1, I decided to take things a little "easier" this month and create my own workout calendar and focus on eating less sugar.

I was offered a membership at The Fit Tutor in exchange for my opinion on the service Allison offers. I promise, as always, all opinions are my own. Keep reading for a special offer for my readers too ;)

I took this first week to just focus on the Fit Tutor program and see what it was like for me.

The advanced level was still a bit "easy" for me as far as exercises go, I do the max number of sets, 3, and get a pretty nice sweat going, but I have yet to wake up sore.

This program is nice, especially if you are a busy Mom because you can bring the example video up on your phone, watch it, then do the number of reps Allison suggests. You can move from room to room if you need to and do the exercises through out the day. Heck, you could even do these at the park while your kids play, that is just how versatile this sort of program is!

Allison is a great personal trainer. You can email her with any questions and she answers in a timely manner. Each instructional video is short and to the point. If there are variations for beginner, intermediate, and advanced she tells you in the video so even if you choose the "beginner" schedule, but an exercise is particularly easy you can choose to do a more advanced option and vice versa, if you choose the advanced version but it is too difficult you can do the beginner version (I have to do this with the ab exercises.)

So, if you would like to work out with me this first month use the code BloggerFIT over at The Fit Tutor and check it out! I will be doing daily check-ins over on my Facebook Page so come and join me, this will be fun!

Workout Schedule

So, tell me what does your workout look like this month? What are you doing to move? Do you think you'll join me over at The Fit Tutor?

Disclaimer: Like I stated earlier, I was offered a free membership in exchange for my opinion on the services offered at The Fit Tutor,  but all opinions expressed are my own.

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