Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Day in the Life, Day 2

So, my last day in the life post was ridiculously popular! So, since y'all seemed to enjoy it, I thought I would serve up another for What I Ate Wednesday!

This was just yesterday! I had a really fun day and wanted to share it with you.

It started out as usual with water, a banana and coffee at about 7:30

We went for drinks with some friends that were in town on a layover last night and were up way too late...this coffee was much needed...

It is tough being this gorgeous ;) haha Seriously, I was bone tired and had the worst time waking up, tonight will be a very early night.

I made the kiddo some cheese croissants for breakfast, I made a few plain ones for myself...I <3 croissants.="" p="">

Before hubby woke up I took a quick shower and got dressed. 

My MK Rain Boots since it was a drizzly kind of day, jeans, and the fab new shirt hubby brought me home from my favorite store: BEBE! I paired it with the necklace my mom and dad gave me for Christmas.

A close up of my necklace...isn't it adorable. The background is my birthstone and on the back it says some very nice things about me.

My hair was crazy unruly so I sprayed it with volumizing hair spray and teased it a bit, then pulled it to the side and braided it, look great for the whole day.

The hubby and I got going around 9:30, as he doesn't have to be to work until 10. I was getting hungry at this point so I walked around a bit and grabbed some second breakfast.

So, during my walk I saw these shenanigans:
I seriously love this country. Only here could you see a guy set up a latter on the tram tracks and fix a light with trams coming and going, cars coming and going, bike bells ringing...this really reminded me of my Dad...any one else's Dad do insane stuff like this growing up?!

Anyway, I walked on and saw the floating flower market which I posted on Instagram...if anyone wants to know it is €60 to ship 100 tulip bulbs to the US...your welcome :)

After that I finally made it to La Place...which this location, on the Kalverstraat is amazing. Employees are sweet and they have the best selection of food I think. All of this was €3,25! You could pick 7 items (including coffee) for that price.

Omelette, bacon, brie, two croissants, jelly, and coffee...seriously life is good!

My view as I ate:
I love these buildings...look at the super skinny entrance toward the left of the picture...these canal houses/buildings crack me up! I also love the building on the left because some of the windows play advertisements. They sure do make great use of what is already there!

So, after that I went and browsed two American Book Stores and regrettably did not buy the Thug Kitchen Cookbook...I'm not sure why...I think I really need to go back and get it I keep thinking about it! ha! But, after that I headed to my favorite lingerie store because I had signed up to go in and give them my opinion on the store and their customer service. As a thank you for my time they gave me a lovely gift and a gift card!

If you are in Amsterdam, seriously go to Hunkmoller, especially the Kalverstraat location the girls there are so incredibly sweet. They are even great with teenagers and have bras very appropriate for that crowd. The girls there know what they are talking about and they have the best. bras. ever. Seriously, they are fantastic!

Anyway, after that I went over to meet a friend at the Opera, before we went in for the lunch concert I snapped these of the bridge nearby.

The detailing is amazing.

I mean look at that! I haven't seen details like that in ages, such time and effort.

Sadly, when we went in for the concert the singer was sick so they canceled it. It was "Songs of Emily Dickinson" too, I was curious as to what they could have possibly created. Maybe they will do it again another week. But, we moved on to a brown bar that is across the street for some Gluhwine and toasties.

Mmmmm Gluhwine...have you ever had it? It is a divine winter treat! 
I forgot to take a picture of my toastie, but it is basically a grilled cheese...picture it ;)

After lunch we walked around a bit more then I came home and did the last of my grocery shopping, took a bath to warm up, then did some Yoga.

I <3 a="" amsterdam="" awesome="" been="" but="" do="" finding="" i="" in="" not="" of="" p="" somewhere="" studio="" sure...anyone="" thinking="" ve="" yoga.="" yoga="">

After yoga we made panini's and soup.

Chock full of veggies...nom!

Dessert while watching Gilmore Girls....I even had a tall glass of milk. So tasty!

Now in bed enjoying my sleepy time tea and finishing this post! I drink the Sleepytime Wellness is way more potent than the regular Sleepytime Tea, I highly recommend!

So that is all for me was your day?


  1. Beautiful pictures! I also have been watching Gilmore Girls at night, love that show! I will need to try the Sleepytime wellness tea. Right now I drink the regular sleepytime tea!

  2. Ohh I've not seen the Sleepytime wellness, I'll have to look for it! I want to hop on a plane and come visit you, what a beautiful place!

  3. Sounds/looks like it was a fantastic day! Love the views and food. Not at all like what we find around where we currently live, which is why we are on a mission to learn to make a lot of it ourselves. Also very thankful for finding vendors who are willing to send us things (like frozen croissants) so we can bake them fresh at home. My husband made them from scratch for a time, but they take 3 DAYS to make!

    The pictures make me want to hop on a plane and come visit the country ... probably not the most adult move to make though. Sometimes being an 'adult' isn't so fun. :)