Monday, February 2, 2015

Currently, Vol 3

My hubby was gone all week last week making it somewhat productive/somewhat lazy. All-in-all was a good week, but so glad he comes home tomorrow!

This post almost didn't get written. I have entered a lazy streak, but trying to break it. So, here I sit, writing.


Thinking about...this young lady I met today while walking home from the grocery store. It was bright and sunny and I had just tripped over my own two feet and was chuckling to myself, I looked up and smiled at her. She did not look happy. She said something to me in Dutch to which I responded, "Sorry I don't know that much Dutch yet", she happily conversed with me in English, it went something like this:
YL: I am not happy so I cannot laugh.
Me: I'm sorry to hear that.
YL: Why, you cannot do anything about it.
Me: Well, you are so sad that you cannot return a smile and for that I am sorry, I truly hope your day gets better.
YL: I don't.
Me: (extremely taken by surprise) Well, I am sorry to hear that but you are very young and I promise today will not be the worst day that you have. Even if you don't hope your day gets better I hope that for you, be careful out there.

A few minutes later I see her on her bike and she yells at me, "Mevrouw, look at me! I am smiling! Are you?" I told her I was and I was glad to see her smiling...she rode off as teenagers do dancing around in her bike seat and looked to be having a better day.

I initially left the conversation feeling very sad for this young lady but knew in the end I did all I could and truly hoped things got better for her, and I hope, since she smiled a bit, her day did turn around.

Excited about....hubby coming home tomorrow, lunch with friends this week, a ladies night in with friends this week, and date night with the husband! There are many other little things I am excited about, but those are the highlights ;)

Crafting...a Valentine's Day banner, centerpiece, and a ridiculously cute/cheesy Valentine's Day t-shirt set for the hubby & I!

Loving...the weather we have had. It has been a lot of fog and snow, but it was a welcome change from the just dreary cloudy weather! Today it was sunny though! 

Looking yearly goals notebook trying to make sure I am on track for all the things I want to accomplish. So far I am somewhat getting there.

Thankful many things! The number one has to be the opportunity to show our daughter Europe and teacher her about the history of the world in a hands on way.

So, that is what we are up to Currently. Make sure you hop on over to Becky's Blog, Choose Happy and check out everyone else that is linking up!


  1. Loving this link up! I wish we had snow here, they threaten it all the time, but nothing ever happens!

    1. It is a super fun link up isn't it?!

      The snow "threat" is a dangerous one right?! Everyone stops worrying about it eventually then boom giant snow storm and no one is prepared! So fingers crossed if you get snow it is one like ours! hehe

  2. Your story in the beginning put a smile on my face as well!

    1. I'm so glad it could make you smile, thank you so much for stopping by! :)

  3. YAY for hubby coming home!
    YAY for making someone smile too :)
    Ohhh YAY for Valentine's decor! Make sure to show it off next week!!!

    Have a great weekend and thanks for joining my Currently series :)
    Becky with Choose Happy